Faculty Accomplishments 2017-2018

Grants (2017-18)

College of Business-Level

Awardees Award Type Topic Department
Bing Luo Discipline-based Effects of Auditor-Provided Tax Services on Book-Tax Differences and Investors Accounting
Leyla Ozsen, Julia Miyaoka, Yabing Zhao, Susan Cholette Pedagogical Research Experiential Learning of Quality Control in an Operations Management Course Decision Sciences
Leyla Ozsen, and Ian Clark Sinapuelas (Marketing) Inter-departmental Research Optimizing a retailer’s merchandise mix: The roles of private labels and national brands. Decision Sciences and Marketing
Venoo Kakar Pedagogical Research High frequency innovative data sets in Time Series Econometrics and Forecasting. Economics
Sepideh Modrek Inter-departmental Research Optimization of linkage algorithms to link historical census data to two cohort studies. Economics
Sybil Yang Pedagogical Research • China Coast: The Olive Garden of Chinese Food
• Fyre– The Luxury Music Festival OR Yosemite National Park v. Delaware North Corporation
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Nasser Shahrasbi Discipline-based Research Developing an Online Decision Support Prototype for Teaching “Startup Readiness” Information Systems
Deanna Wang Discipline-based Research Disruption or Destruction? The Amazon Effect on Store-Based Retailers Marketing



Awardees Publication Department
Yi Zhou Han, B., Lu, L., Zhou, Y.;"Two Trees with Heterogeneous Beliefs: Spillover Effect of Disagreement,", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Accepted for Publication, March 26, 2018. Finance
Ronald E. Purser Purser, R.E., Dyck, B.; "FAITH, THEORIA AND OMT: A CHRISTIAN AND A BUDDHIST WALK INTO A BUSINESS SCHOOL”, Academy of Management Perspectives. Accepted for Publication, March 6, 2018. Management

Research Productivity

Spring 2018

Awardees Publication Department
Susan Cholette Varas, M., Maturana, S., Cholette, S., Alejandro, M.C., Basso, F.; (2018), “Assessing the benefits of labelling postponement in an export-focused winery", International Journal of Production Research, Accepted for Publication, January 15, 2018. Decision Sciences
Venoo Kakar Daniels Jr, E.G., Kakar, V.; (2018) “Normalized CES supply side system approach: how to replicate Klump, McAdam, and Willman (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2007)”, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal,, 12 (2018-19): 1–13. Economics
Brian Aday Aday, J.B., Phelan, K.V., & Ravichandran, S.; (2018) “Examining restaurant operators' motives when choosing whether to offer a flash-sale”, Journal of Foodservice Business Research, Accepted for publication, February 28, 2018. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Fall 2017

Awardees Publication Department
Theresa Hammond T. Hammond., C. Cooper., C. Van Staden.; “Anglo American Corporation and the South African State: A contextual analysis of annual reports 1917-1975,’” Accounting Auditing and Accountability, Accepted for publication, April. 23, 2017. Accounting
Venoo Kakar Kakar, V., Voelz, J., Wu, J., Franco, J.; “The Visible Host: Does race guide Airbnb rental rates in San Francisco?” Journal of Housing Economics, Elsevier publishing. Accepted for publication, August. 14, 2017. Economics
Susan Roe Repetti, T., & Roe, S.J.; “Minimum wage change effects on restaurant pricing and employment,” International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Accepted for publication, September. 16, 2017 Hospitality and Tourism Management
Lutfus Sayeed 1. Simeon, R., Sayeed, L., Onetti, A., Talaia, M.; “Analysing the online wine tourism strategies of American and Italian wineries. International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, Accepted for publication, February. 6, 2017.
2. Sayeed, L., Onetti, A.; “The relationship between organizational resources and Green IT/S adoption: A RBV approach,” Journal of International Technology and Information Management, Accepted for publication, November. 1, 2017.
Information Systems
Lihua Wang Wang, L., Liang, X.; The Effect of Historical Government Affiliations on Resource Acquisition and Organizing Capability: Evidence from Chinese Private Firms,” Journal of Asia Business Studies, Accepted for publication, April. 21, 2017. International Business
Foo Nin Ho 1. Ho, F.N., Brodowsky, G. & Lee, S.; “How Much More (or Less) is a Brand Worth When Made in a Low Labor-Cost Country? It depends upon Who and Where You Ask,” Journal of Promotion Management, Accepted for publication, April. 11, 2017.
2. Yikuan Lee, Foo Nin Ho & Ming-chuan Wu; “How Do Form and Functional Newness Affect Adoption Preference? The Moderating Role of Consumer Need for Uniqueness,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, Accepted for publication, July. 23, 2017.

Research Forums (2017-18)

Date Topic Presenters
2/16/2018 "Yes, but this one looks better/works better: When might consumers choose superior sustainability despite a trade-off with other valued product attributes?" Luchs, M. and Kumar, M. Journal of Business Ethics.

"Measuring Reliability of Transportation Networks Using Snapshots of Movements in the Network – An Analytical and Empirical Study,” Gillen., D., and Hasheminia, H., Transportation Research part B: Methodological.

“The term structure of credit spreads, firm fundamentals, and expected stock returns” Bing Han, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, and Yi Zhou. Journal of Financial Economics.
Prof. Minu Kumar, Associate Professor, Marketing Department

Prof. Hamed Hasheminia, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences Department

Prof. Yi Zhou, Assistant Professor, Finance Department
4/13/2018 "Gender gap in health status of children in the context of one-child policy in China: is it sibling rivalry or son preference?” Kubo, M. and Chaudhuri, A., Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

“Mobile Technology Dependence and Mobile Technostress.” Mak, B. L., Nickerson, R., and Sim, J. Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.

“Profit or Legitimacy? What Drives Firms to Prioritize Social Stakeholders Over Economic Stakeholders?” Wang, L., and Liang, X. Asian Journal of Business Ethics
Prof. Anoshua Chaudhuri, Professor, Economics Department

Prof. Brenda Mak, Professor, Information Systems Department

Prof. Lihua Wang, Associate Professor, International Business Department
9/29/2017 "Surviving M&A,” Mitchell Lee Marks, Philip H. Mirvis, and Ron Ashkenas. Harvard Business Review.

“Social, Psychological, And Physical Aspects of the Work Environment Could contribute to Hypertension Prevalence” David H. Rehkopf, Sepideh Modrek, Linda Cantley, and Mark R. Cullen. Health Affairs.
Prof. Mitchell Lee Marks, Professor, Management Department

Prof. Sepideh Modrek, Assistant Professor, Economics Department
11/3/2017 “The Startup Environment in the Bay Area” Grace Huiberts, Erin Eckvahl, Eitan Harari, and Michael Dore.

Faculty Research Publications (2017-18)


Chang, Chun Chia (Associate Professor)

Chou, Shih-Chu (Assistant Professor)

Hammond, Theresa (Full Professor)

Hetherington, Katherine M. (Assistant Professor)

Hsieh, Su-Jane (Full Professor)

Luo, Bing (Assistant Professor)

Decision Sciences

Bollapragada, Ramesh (Full Professor)

Cholette, Susan C. (Full Professor)

Eng, Jamie (Full Professor)

Hasheminia, Hamed (Assistant Professor)

Roeder, Theresa M. (Professor)

Saltzman, Robert M. (Full Professor)

Zhao, Yabing (Assistant Professor)


Chaudhuri, Anoshua (Professor)

Kakar, Venoo (Assistant Professor)

Modrek, Sepideh (Assistant Professor)


Feldman, Todd (Associate Professor)

Han, Xi (Associate Professor)

Jung, Alan R.

Lin, Shengle (Assistant Professor)

Liu, Shuming (Associate Professor)

Zhou, Yi (Assistant Professor)

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Aday, James B. (Assistant Professor)

Ergul, Mehmet (Associate Professor)

Ferns, Bo (Associate Professor)

Johnson, Colin (Full Professor)

Information Systems

Beckman, Paul (Full Professor)

Jin, Leigh (Full Professor)

Nickerson, Robert C. (Full Professor)

Sayeed, Lutfus (Full Professor)

Verma, Sameer (Full Professor)

International Business

Lebedev, Sergey (Assistant Professor)

Lee, Yi-Kuan (Associate Professor)

Simeon, Roblyn (Full Professor)

Wang, Lihua (Associate Professor)

Wong, Yim-Yu (Full Professor)


Albert, Michael (Full Professor)

Baack, Sally (Full Professor)

Desa, Geoff (Associate Professor)

Kleinrichert, Denise (Associate Professor)

Lamm, Eric (Associate Professor)

Li, Chenwei (Assistant Professor)

Marks, Mitchell (Full Professor)

Petkova, Antoaneta (Full Professor)

Purser, Ron (Full Professor)

Stewart, Oscar (Assistant Professor)

Thomas, Tom (Full Professor)


Bhat, Subodh (Full Professor)

Ho, Foo Nin (Full Professor)

Tumbat, Gulnur (Full Professor)

Hussain, Mahmood (Associate Professor)

Kumar, Minu (Associate Professor)

Robertson, Bruce (Associate Professor)