Hamed Hasheminia, Ph.D.

Decision Sciences
Associate Professor
BUS 203A
Office Hours: 
M 6:00pm-7:00pm(via Zoom) - SPRING 2021
Advising Duties & Hours: 
Faculty Advisor

Hamed Hasheminia was born in Tehran, Iran. He spent 24 years in Iran and received his first Master's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. While working on his Master's thesis, he became so fascinated in Data Mining, Statistics, and Econometrics that he took every possible course in the field from every department that offered them, from Computer Science to Economics. He was amazed by how meticulously Econometricians evaluate their Statistical models and how prudent they are in interpreting the results. At the same time he was immersed in the ingenuity of Computer Scientists in coming up with out-of-the-box machine learning techniques.

To pursue his passion and learn more, he moved to beautiful Vancouver, Canada and spent eight of his most productive years there. During this time, he earned two graduate degrees, a Master's in Economics and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia. He used his Data Mining capabilities on projects defined by some of the most prominent industries and sectors in Canada including Insurance Company of British Columbia, the largest Insurance company in British Columbia; WestJet, the second largest airline in Canada; and finally Transport Canada, federal department responsible for developing regulations, policies, and services of transportation in Canada. At the same time, he enjoyed teaching several Statistics and Operations Management courses at the University of British Columbia.

In 2013, Dr. Hasheminia, joined San Francisco State University as an Assistant Professor and started a new chapter of his life. He joined San Francisco State University to satisfy two of his passions simultaneously i.e. teaching and contributing to the ever-growing field of Business Analytics in San Francisco the most advanced city in the field. To satisfy his dream in sharing his Data Mining expertise to SF-State students, he designed a new course titled Data Mining with Business Applications. To add more depth to this course and to give the opportunity to citizens of the world to have access to the materials of this course and more advanced courses, he founded www.DataMiningClass.com (Design of the website was inspired by the great online class Dr. Tibshirani and Dr. Heisti offered at Stanford University).

As a person who has spent his life in three different countries, Hamed, is a big believer that all human beings are born equal and there shall not be any physical boundaries separating the citizens of the world. He believes that we may not be influential enough to remove those physical boundaries, but all have the power to smash intellectual boundaries by sharing what we learn and what we know. He is a great admirer of those who generously dissipate their knowledge. Like many others, his mission is to share all he has learned to the citizens of the world.

  • B.S., University of Tehran, Iran (Industrial Metallurgy Engineering)
  • M.S., Sharif University of Technology, Iran (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada (Business Administration)
Research Interests: 
  • Data Mining with Business Applications
  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Game Theory
  • Econometrics