Faculty Accomplishments 2018-2019

Grants (2018-19)

College of Business-Level

Awardees Award Type Topic Department
Shih-Chu Chou Discipline-based Macroeconomic Predictability of Analysts Forecasts: Evidence from Industry Centrality Accounting
Sepideh Modrek et.al Inter-departmental What is the quality of information on long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) provided by university health centers and their social media accounts? A preliminary analysis of online resources. Economics
Anoshua Chaudhuri et.al Inter-departmental Experiences of Chinese, Flipino, Indian and Korean H1B Visa Workers in the United States: Caring for Family Abroad. Economics
Zuzana Janko et.al Discipline-based Research Understanding the Determinants of Health Care Expenditures Economics
Christopher Yost-Bremm Discipline-based Machine Learning in Finance - A Systematic Review and Experiment Finance
Priyanka Joshi Pedagogical Research Assigning leadership roles in class: An intervention to enhance student leader identity Management
Nara Jeong Discipline-based When CEO Political Ideology Meets Government Political Ideology: Its Impact on Corporate Social Performance Management
Minu Kumar et.al Discipline-based "Halo Products and Their Effect on the Perceptions of Other Products in the Brand Portfolio." Marketing



Awardees Publication Department
Michael Bar Bar, Michael, Moshe Hazan.,Oksana Leukhina.,David Weiss., and Hosny Zoabi. “Why did rich families increase their fertility? Inequality and marketization of child care,” Journal of Economic Growth, Springer Publishing, Fall 2018. Economics
Chenwei Li Li, Chenwei., Liang Jian., and Farh, Jiing-Lih. “Speaking up when water is murky: An uncertainty-based model linking perceived organizational politics to employee voice,” Journal of Management, SAGE Publishing, Fall 2018. Management

Research Productivity

Fall 2018

Awardees Publication Department
Susan Cholette Accorsi, Riccardo., Cholette, Susan., Manzini, Riccardo., Tufano, Alessandro. “A hierarchical data architecture for sustainable food supply chain management and planning,” Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier Publishing. Decision Sciences
Julia Miyaoka K. S. Azoury., and J. Miyaoka. “A simple EOQ-like solution to an inventory system with compound poisson and deterministic demand,” Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, Wiley Publishing. Decision Sciences
Sada Soorapanth Young, Terry., Soorapanth, Sada., Wilkerson, Jim., Millburg, Lance., Roberts, Toddand., Morgareidge, David. “The costs and value of modelling-based design in healthcare delivery: five case studies from the US Health Systems,” Health Systems, Taylor & Francis Publishing. Decision Sciences
Yabing Zhao 1. Chuang, C. H., and Zhao, Y. Effects of Demand Stimulation in Finished-goods Inventory Management in the U. S. Automobile Industry. International Journal of Production Economics, Elsevier Publishing.
2. Miyaoka, J., Ozsen, L., Zhao, Y., and Cholette, S. “Experiential Undergraduate Operations Management Course Engages Students,” Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, Wiley Publishing.
Decision Sciences
Sepideh Modrek Chen, Chen., Modrek, Sepideh. “Gendered impact of solid fuel use on acute respiratory infections in children in China,” BMC Public Health. Economics
Shengle Lin Feldman, Todd., Lin, Shengle., and Alan Jung. “US Stock Returns and VIX Futures Curve,” Journal of Wealth Management, Finance
Chris Yost-Bremm 1. Yost-Bremm, C., Jackson, T. “Environmental Risk Premiums and Price Effects in Commercial Real Estate Transactions,” The Appraisal Journal.
2. Au Vo., and Yost-Bremm, Chris. “A High-Frequency Algorithmic Trading Strategy for Cryptocurrency,” Journal of Computer Information Systems, Taylor & Francis group.
Veronica Robelo 1. McCluney, Courtney L., Caridad Rabelo, Verónicao., “Conditions of visibility: An intersectional examination of Black women's belongingness and distinctiveness at work,” Journal of Vocational Behavior, Elsevier Publishing.
2. Caridad Rabelo, Verónicao., Mahalingam, Ramaswami.,“They really don't want to see us”: How cleaners experience invisible ‘dirty’ work,” Journal of Vocational Behavior, Elsevier Publishing.
Chenwei Li Li, Chenwei., Sun, L.-Y., Dong, Y. “Innovating via building absorptive capacity: Interactive effects of top management support of learning, employee learning orientation and decentralization structure,” Creativity and Innovation Management, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. Management
Deanna Wang Ho, F. N., Wang, D., Ho-Dac, N., and Vitell, S. J. “Nature and Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Firm Size: A Cross-National Study,” Social Responsibility Journal, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Marketing

Faculty Research Publications (2018-19)


Chang, Chun Chia (Associate Professor)

Chou, Shih-Chu (Assistant Professor)

Hammond, Theresa (Full Professor)

Hetherington, Katherine M. (Assistant Professor)

Hsieh, Su-Jane (Full Professor)

Luo, Bing (Assistant Professor)

Decision Sciences

Bollapragada, Ramesh (Full Professor)

Cholette, Susan C. (Full Professor)

Eng, Jamie (Full Professor)

Hasheminia, Hamed (Assistant Professor)

Roeder, Theresa M. (Professor)

Saltzman, Robert M. (Full Professor)

Zhao, Yabing (Assistant Professor)


Chaudhuri, Anoshua (Professor)

Kakar, Venoo (Assistant Professor)

Modrek, Sepideh (Assistant Professor)


Feldman, Todd (Associate Professor)

Han, Xi (Associate Professor)

Jung, Alan R.

Lin, Shengle (Assistant Professor)

Liu, Shuming (Associate Professor)

Zhou, Yi (Assistant Professor)

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Aday, James B. (Assistant Professor)

Ergul, Mehmet (Associate Professor)

Ferns, Bo (Associate Professor)

Johnson, Colin (Full Professor)

Information Systems

Beckman, Paul (Full Professor)

Jin, Leigh (Full Professor)

Nickerson, Robert C. (Full Professor)

Sayeed, Lutfus (Full Professor)

Verma, Sameer (Full Professor)

International Business

Lebedev, Sergey (Assistant Professor)

Lee, Yi-Kuan (Associate Professor)

Simeon, Roblyn (Full Professor)

Wang, Lihua (Associate Professor)

Wong, Yim-Yu (Full Professor)


Albert, Michael (Full Professor)

Baack, Sally (Full Professor)

Desa, Geoff (Associate Professor)

Kleinrichert, Denise (Associate Professor)

Lamm, Eric (Associate Professor)

Li, Chenwei (Assistant Professor)

Marks, Mitchell (Full Professor)

Petkova, Antoaneta (Full Professor)

Purser, Ron (Full Professor)

Stewart, Oscar (Assistant Professor)

Thomas, Tom (Full Professor)


Bhat, Subodh (Full Professor)

Ho, Foo Nin (Full Professor)

Tumbat, Gulnur (Full Professor)

Hussain, Mahmood (Associate Professor)

Kumar, Minu (Associate Professor)

Robertson, Bruce (Associate Professor)