Center for Ethical & Sustainable Business and Lam-Larsen Community Engagement Initiative Recognize 2022 Awards Recipients at Reception

September 29, 2022

On September 15, 2022, the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business (CESB) and the Lam-Larsen Community Engagement (CE) Initiative co-hosted a reception to honor and celebrate the recipients of the 2022 CESB Research Awards2022 CESB Teaching Awards2022 CE Performance Awards and the 2022 CE Mini-Grants. All the awardees were presented with a certificate for their exemplary work. Guest speakers for past CESB Business Ethics Week events were also recognized at this reception. 

The 2022 CESB Research Awards recipients are:  Venoo Kakar, Associate Professor of Economics; John Logan, Chair and Professor of Labor Studies & Employment Studies; Sepideh Modrek, Associate Professor of Economics; Lufei Ruan, Associate Professor of Accounting; and Dayna Walker, Assistant Professor of Management.

The 2022 CESB Teaching Awards recipients are:  Daniel Ciomek, Lecturer Faculty of Information Systems; Matt Fisher, Lecturer Faculty of Marketing and Management; Antoaneta Petkova, Professor of Management; Joanne Sopt, Assistant Professor of Accounting; and Lihua Wang, Professor of International Business.

The 2022 CE Performance Awards recipients are:  Anoshua Chaudhuri, Chair and Professor of Economics; Gulnur Tumbat, Professor of Marketing; John Logan.

The 2022 CE Mini-Grants recipients are:  Camille Antinori, Lecturer Faculty of Economics; Anoshua Chaudhuri; Min Chen, Associate Professor of Accounting; John Logan; Bing Luo, Associate Professor of Accounting; Merilee McDougal, Lecturer Faculty of Management and Marketing; Julia Miyaoka, Professor of Decision Sciences; Lufei Ruan, Associate Professor of Accounting; Ryan Smith, Assistant Professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management; Dayna Walker; Lihua Wang; and Nini Yang, Retired Professor and former Chair of International Business.

Amy Sueyoshi, Provost at SF State, and Eugene Sivadas, Dean of the Lam Family College of Business, spoke at the event and recognized the awardees' achievements. Over 50 guests attended the evening event, which was held at the Vista Room, a fully functional restaurant and teaching and learning laboratory that provides realistic food-service work experience for students studying hospitality and tourism management.  

The Vista Room served guests 100% vegetarian food, and wines were provided by alumna Dr. Chris Wachira from her award-winning winery, Wachira Wines. 

Visit the CESB and CE Awards event page to see more photos from this special event.


Photos: (left) Eugene Sivadas, Dean of the Lam Family College of Business, addresses the audience.; (middle) Guests enjoying the reception.; (right) Susan Cholette, Professor of Decision Sciences and Director of the Center for Ethical & Sustainable Business, presents award certificate to Lihua Wang, Professor of International Business. (Photos by William Thomas Brogan)