A goal for the Center is promoting research that investigates how to better address ethical, environmental and social sustainable concerns in business practice.

CESB is offering a $1000 Research Award for LFCoB faculty that have recently published research which has made (or has the potential to make) a practical impact in ethical, environmental, and/or social justice concerns (i.e., community relations; diversity, equity, & inclusion; economic accessibility; sustainability).

For an additional chance to win money for practice-focused research, the Network for Business Sustainability is sponsoring a $500 award.

Research Spotlight

Economics professor Dr. Anoshua Chaudhuri was recently recognized by the San Francisco Office of Small Business for her survey investigating how small businesses in San Francisco were impacted by COVID-19. Her research uncovered that BIPOC businesses were inequitably affected as also businesses in certain neighborhoods more than others. Her findings are currently being used to assist local small businesses, including redressing the disproportional impacts for different demographics.