Decision Sciences Department

Photograph of a student on the Embarcadero along the waterfront in San Francisco.

Decision Sciences programs focus on powerful quantitative methodologies such as forecasting, data mining, machine learning, optimization, and simulation, and their application to business problems to support managers' decisions. Degrees and minors include:

Faculty Spotlight


Susan Cholette, Ph.D.

Professor of Decision Sciences
Director, Center for Ethical & Sustainable Business
Lam-Larsen Distinguished Teaching Professor 2021-2023

Decision Sciences Professor Susan Cholette’s early career was industry-focused - her research background in building large scale economic models that tracked greenhouse gas emissions and her desire to stay rooted in the Bay Area led to positions in supply chain consulting and project management. Through a stroke of luck, Cholette was presented with an opportunity to work in academia. Today, after two decades as a professor, she still brings her industry experiences into the classroom as a powerful tool for teaching students to build skills in forecasting, inventory management, and more.

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