Information Systems Department

The Information Systems concentration prepares students for multiple careers that require an aptitude for analytical thinking and a strong working competency in information systems.

It is designed to produce a person with technical and managerial skills in business application development, project management, application analysis and design, data management, business intelligence/analytics, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and network and security management. Graduates qualify for and are productive in careers that include technology/business analyst, programmer/analyst, website/mobile app developer, database designer/analyst/administrator, data analyst, network administrator, and technical support specialist. You can also leverage your IS skills to be an entrepreneur.

The concentration emphasizes technical knowledge of information system components and infrastructure; application and development skills; high-level competencies in applying information systems analysis and systems design strategies and techniques; understanding the information needs and delivery systems within business organizations; understanding the business/organizational context of information systems; communications and human relations skills for working with and managing people and projects in virtual teams; and education and desire for lifelong learning and professional and personal development.

Over the next decade, the greatest demand in the information systems field will be for persons who have information technology skills supported by solid understanding of the business framework for information solution. By following this program of carefully structured courses, the student, upon graduation, will be eligible for many of simulating, high-salaried positions in this rapidly changing and constantly expanding field.

How do I get started in IS at SF State?

You can concentrate in IS. You can declare a minor in IS. Or, you can just take one or two courses in IS. For more information, please check out the IS department web site ( or contact the IS department ( or simply pick up the phone and call (415)338-2138.

This is not a complete list of courses, so see Bulletin: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Information Systems or contact the IS department ( or simply pick up the phone and call (415)338-2138