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Degree Roadmaps

San Francisco State University Major Degree Roadmap

A degree roadmap is a semester-by-semester guide to the course requirements necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in a designated major. It is designed to help students select classes that satisfy the General Education (GE) requirements, major requirements, and other all-university requirements in order to graduate in four years. The roadmap cannot replace consultation with an advisor in your major or an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center. You should always use your degree roadmap in conjunction with the Bulletin and your DARS report, ASE (if applicable), and transcript to select classes for an upcoming semester.

See the Generic Degree Map for Bachelors of Science Degrees for Bulletin Year 2015-2016 (pdf)

See the 2013-2014 Degree Roadmap for Bachelors of Science in Information Systems (pdf)

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