Programs & Certificates

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Lam Family College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with areas of concentration in accounting, decision sciences, finance, information systems, international business, management, and marketing. In addition, the college offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSHM) degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Labor and Employment Studies. Emphasis is placed on business ethics and sustainability throughout the curriculums.

For more information about admission to one of our undergraduate programs, please also visit our Future Students website.

Graduate Degree Programs

We offer a Master of Business Administration program (MBA), an MBA for Executives, a Master of Science in Accountancy program (MSA), an MBA for Biotech Professionals, a Master of Science in Business Analytics, and a Master of Arts in Economics.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Our certificate offerings are designed for those who need to update or obtain new skills in specific business areas:

Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Designed to meet the needs of international and non-matriculated students to learn specific concepts and skills in hospitality management within two semesters.

Certificate in International Business

Designed to offer international students and non-matriculated U.S. residents the opportunity to acquire competencies in international business in two semesters.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Our certificate offerings are designed for those who need to update or obtain new skills in specific business areas:

Graduate Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence

A multidisciplinary program integrating courses from the Computer Science and Philosophy Departments and the Lam Family College of Business.

Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Stay eligible to practice as a certified public accountant (CPA) in California.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing in the Digital Economy

This graduate certificate is available to currently enrolled MBA students who desire to specialize in Marketing, or to members of the community (with a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.0 or higher).

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Information Systems

The graduate certificate in Enterprise Information Systems is designed to familiarize individuals from other backgrounds than IT with the application of business IT solutions and the skills to begin or enhance a career in IT.

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business

A specialized program that equips students with the skills and knowledge to address the social and environmental dimensions of conducting business in a global market.

Graduate Certificate in Ethics & Compliance

The Business Certificate in Ethics & Compliance is a unique program that fulfills management and business needs for ethics and compliance professionals in growth industries such as healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, information technology services and products, finance and accounting, manufacturing and hospitality.

Graduate Certificate in International Business & Global Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in International Business & Global Leadership prepares individuals for leadership roles in organizations operating in the international environment.

Graduate Certificate in Finance

The Graduate Certificate in Finance provides students with advanced financial knowledge and skills for a professional career in the finance industry.

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Cybersecurity

This graduate certificate targets working professionals in for-profit and non-profit businesses who wish to expand their knowledge of cybersecurity. These individuals could be working in the field of Information Systems or in other functional or service areas of an organization.

Graduate Certificate in Business Principles

This certificate introduces students to business foundations in preparation for applying to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Departments and Programs

The Lam Family College of Business comprises ten academic departments and programs offering over 44 graduate, undergraduate, minor and certificate programs.

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Accounting programs prepare students for careers in public accounting, industry, government, and not-for-profit.

Decision Sciences professor in a classroom setting

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences programs focus on forecasting, simulation, and other powerful quantitative tools that support managers' decisions.

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Our programs prepare students to enter careers in business management, government service and non-profits. Students are prepared for graduate + professional study in economics, business, public policy, urban and regional planning, and law.

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Finance programs prepare students for careers in private business, the public sector, commercial consumer banking, and financial services.

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Hospitality & Tourism Management

The undergraduate program prepares students for the growing hospitality + tourism management industry. The MBA emphasis prepares students to lead hospitality + tourism organizations.

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Information Systems

Our programs focus on systems + tools to create, store, exchange, search or manipulate information. Learn about the SAP Recognition Award Certificate Program.

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International Business

International Business programs prepare students to be managers and leaders in organizations that operate in global markets.

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Labor and Employment Studies

Our program provides students with an introduction to + understanding of the study of labor + employment relations, broadly defined.

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Our programs provide students with a broad background in the overall management of the business enterprise.

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Marketing programs provide excellent training for the highest levels in an organization.

Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business integrated ethics, corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability beyond the classroom.

Executive Education

The Executive Education program at San Francisco State University Lam Family College of Business aims to train and develop the next generation of leaders. Our programs are short and practical, lasting from two to four days, and also competitively priced. Custom programs are offered upon request. Early-bird and group discounts available.