Graduate Business Internship Class (BUS 867)

San Francisco State University downtown campus

Graduate business programs offers a 1-unit internship class that students may select during the fall, spring or summer semester.  Students are permitted to enroll in this class during traditional semester registration periods a maximum of two times during their graduate business studies.  This course cannot be used to meet a preexisting MBA, MSA or MSBA requirement – the units earned as a result of this class will simply count as additional units towards the degree objective.  Students who enroll in this class are required to include these additional units on their Advancement to Candidacy Form.

1. How to Enroll in BUS 867: Graduate Business Internship

Students interested in enrolling in this class will need to recruit a tenure track faculty member in the Lam Family College of Business to act as their course instructor for the 1-unit BUS 867 class.  A tenure track faculty member holds the title of Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor.  Students should individually seek permission from a tenure track faculty member who teaches in the discipline related to their internship.  Faculty contact information is available through the College Contact Directory.  

To enroll in BUS 867, complete the following steps:

  1. Find and secure a tenure track faculty instructor for the internship class.  When initially contacting faculty, please be sure to include a copy of your employment offer letter with your request (i.e. include as an attachment in an email or have it with you for an in-person meeting).
  2. Once you have identified an instructor for the class, complete an online survey providing general information about your internship site and course instructor.  Submission of this survey will send information about your internship site to the Graduate Business Programs Department Office and the SF State Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE).
  3. Obtain the BUS 867 course set-up form (Please note that this is the same form used for enrollment in an 899 Independent Studies Course).   
  4. Complete and sign the top portion of the course form.  The internship course instructor should sign and complete the lower section of the form defining the course objective, methods, and evaluation procedures for the 1-unit class.  
  5. Submit the completed and signed course form to Christopher Kingston (  Christopher will then contact the Department Chair to obtain permission to create the class and work with the Department Office Manager to create the class.  Once the class is created, he will then email you with the course enrollment information so that you may register for the class.  Please note that this process may take up to 5 business days to facilitate, so be sure to pay close attention to upcoming semester deadlines (provided below).
Spring 2022 Key Dates and Deadlines
  • Priority Registration Period for Continuing Students: November 29, 2021 - January 12, 2022 (View “Enrollment Dates” in your Student Center)
  • Open Registration Period for All Students: January 13-23, 2022
  • Add/Drop Deadline: February 11, 2022
  • First Day of Instruction: January 24, 2022
  • Last Day of Instruction: May 13, 2022

Questions specific to enrollment in the graduate business programs internship class should be directed to Christopher Kingston: (415) 817-4322 /

2. Submit Internship Information & Register with ICCE

When University course credit is earned through completion of an internship (or other means of employment), the internship site will first need to be reviewed by the SF State Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) before a student may begin an internship for course credit.  Please visit the ICCE website to learn additional information.  The purpose of this review is to ensure that the opportunity provides a safe off-site learning experience.  Additional information about this review process can be viewed on the ICCE website

As different internship sites become reviewed by ICCE, they will be added to ULINK, SF State’s official community engagement database.  Students are highly encouraged to register into ULINK as early as possible and to search for available opportunities listed in ULINK.  Students may search for and secure internship opportunities outside of ULINK (i.e. internships/jobs identified in Handshake), however these employment sites will first need to be reviewed by ICCE so they may establish a Learning Placement Site Agreement with the employer.  Since a Learning Placement Site Agreement must be established prior to a student beginning an internship for University credit, students are encouraged to provide initial information about their internship placement 2-3 months in advance of their work start date.          

Once students have accepted an internship offer and have submitted a request for enrollment in the internship course, they will need to complete the steps outlined on the ICCE website

Questions specific to the internship site review, the learning placement site agreement, or ULINK should be directed to ICCE: (415) 338-6419 /

3. Apply for CPT (only applicable to F-1 International Students)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a work authorization that allows F-1 international students to complete internships off-campus, provided the employment meets a curricular requirement.  CPT is an employer-specific work authorization – the duration of this work authorization ties into the start and end dates of the academic semester.  Before an F-1 international student is eligible to apply for CPT, this student must be enrolled full-time, in F-1 student status, for a minimum of one academic year (two full term semesters).  F-1 international students who wish to apply for CPT may do so through the SF State Office of International Programs (OIP).  Please note that the Lam Family College of Business does not have access to SEVIS records (information regarding a student’s I-20), so cannot verify eligibility nor issue CPT.  Information about applying for CPT can be obtained on the OIP website.

International students with questions about CPT should speak with an F-1 international student advisor: