Professor Ronald Purser Quoted in The Guardian Article on Jay Shetty and Spirituality

Author: LFCoB
March 10, 2023

Professor of Management Ronald Purser was quoted by The Guardian in their story about uncovering the higher truth of Jay Shetty, a former Hindu monk turned self-help guru whose rise to fame includes bestselling books, a popular podcast, and high-profile interviews.

According to Purser, people crave spirituality but aren't keen on following traditional rituals like bowing to monks, shaving heads, or chanting ancient mantras from foreign cultures. “A savvy influencer like Shetty, with gobs of charisma, charm and entrepreneurial flair, offers exactly what the masses want – a spiritual-but-not religious, DIY, quick-fix type of ‘McSpirituality’,” Purser said.

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