Professor John Logan Quoted in News Articles on United Auto Workers Strike Published by Reuters and Other Major News Organizations

Author: LFCoB
October 31, 2023

Department Chair and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan spoke to several news outlets about the United Auto Workers (UAW) union strike and attempts to unionize at Tesla.

The United Auto Workers and the Detroit Three automakers have reached tentative agreements. These tentative deals are expected to “amount to total pay hikes of more than 33% when compounding and cost-of-living increases are factored in.” Logan said, “The agreements may be a selling point for non-union shops to push for unionization.”

"The auto industry is changing due to the growth of electronic vehicles. Therefore, Tesla, taking 60% of the electric vehicle market, has become a big threat to UAW wages and benefits. UAW doesn’t have any choice but to take on [Tesla],” Logan said.

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