Professor John Logan Quoted in News Articles on Different Union Topics Published by The Guardian and Other Major News Organizations

Author: LFCoB
March 31, 2024

Department Chair and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan spoke to several news outlets about various union topics, including the new undergraduate unions and recent Starbucks union talks.

Logan positively commented on the movement among undergraduate workers, saying “These campaigns have the potential to spur on the wave of unionization in the United States across industries outside of academe.”

He also expressed his opinion on the recent Starbucks announcement to meet their workers at the bargaining table. Logan remained skeptical about companies’ willingness to reach a contract with the union. However, “If Starbucks does reach an agreement, it would act as an inspiration for other workers,” Logan said. “That could turn out to be one of the greatest union success stories of the last several decades,” he added.

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