Professor John Logan Quoted by Bloomberg on Google Firing Workers Over Palestine Protest

Author: LFCoB
April 19, 2024

Department Chair and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan spoke to Bloomberg about Google workers being fired due to their involvement in protests against Project Nimbus. This $1.2 billion contract provides the Israeli government and military with AI and cloud services.

Logan considers tech workers' layoffs as a rigorous action as Google has a reputation for having a “more egalitarian and very cosmopolitan work culture." He thinks the tech workers believe the US labor law should grant them to collectively object to how the technology they created is being used. "You can make an argument in this case that having some sort of say or control or ability to protest about how their work product is being used is actually a sort of key issue,” Logan said.

Read the full news story by visiting the following link: April 17, 2024, Bloomberg, Google Fires 28 Workers Protesting $1.2 Billion Israeli Contract.