Professor John Logan Quoted and Interviewed by Multiple News Outlets on the Latest Union Campaigns and Disputes

Author: LFCoB
August 31, 2023

Department Chair and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan gave interviews to several news outlets and discussed anti-union consultants, as well as union campaigns at Peet’s and Amazon.

Logan spoke to KTVU regarding the unionizing at Peet’s coffee shop and said, "I think it could be very good for Peet’s. I would say if Peet’s were smart, it would embrace the union, cooperate with the union." Logan thinks cooperation with the labor union could differentiate Peet’s by showing how it respects its workers’ choices.

Logan also shared his opinion on the hiring of anti-union consultants by U.S. companies. He stated, “Many firms now tailor their campaigns to particular occupations or demographic groups.”

Read the full news stories and listen to the interviews by visiting the links below: