Professor John Logan Discusses UC Workers Strike Authorization and UAW's Loss in Alabama in Major News Outlets

Author: LFCoB
May 31, 2024

Department Chair and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan discussed the UC union's approval for the strike and the UAW's failure to organize in Alabama's plant in Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Audacy, and other prominent news organizations.

The union representing the UC academic workers has voted to authorize a strike due to the workers' rights violation because of their actions against pro-Palestinian protests. Logan commented on this strike authorization and the agreement between UC and UAW unions, saying, "The contract between UAW and UC does include language on academic freedom, but the university could say, ‘Yes, speech is protected, but the actions you engaged in go far beyond speech, preventing students from getting into [a] library or other campus [areas] that are not protected."

Logan also expressed his opinion on the recent UAW's attempt to unionize a Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama. Despite the setback at Mercedes, Logan believes labor organizing in the United States continues to thrive amidst increased public backing for unions.

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