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Drop-In Advising available through Zoom through July 31

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10:30 a.m. to noon; and 1 to 2:30 p.m..
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Grading Options

Please email an advisor or schedule an appointment through Navigate.

Additional advising resources are available here.

If you are a Gator starting this upcoming semester, please register for a New Student Orientation session for advising and registration of classes.

All advisors are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Their contact information is:

Student Success Center

The Lam Family College of Business Student Success Center is dedicated to providing academic support and helps students achieve success in their academic and life goals. Our slogan is “We take care of business.”

Academic Advising

Students are encouraged to meet with academic advisers regularly at least 1-2 times per semester. Our academic advisers can help students to develop an educational plan.

For Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program students must complete all the business core courses and seven concentration courses plus general education and university requirements:

Business Administration Major

Change of Major

For more information on changing your major please see our How to Change your Major/Concentration flyer.

Degree and Program Requirements

The followings are some advising tools to use:

Graduation + Commencement

Students can apply for graduation in Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. And the University has only one commencement in every May. The academic departments may hold their own celebration activity coordinate by the student organizations. For more information, please contact the academic departments. We also provide Graduation Application Express Workshop in Fall and Spring semester to assist students filling out the application. Please see “Workshops”.

Metro Academy of Business — Advising

The Metro Academy of Business is a two-year learning community offering eligible undergraduate students personalized in-class academic support, advising and tutoring. Students participating in this program receive one-on-one support from a dedicated academic advisor. If you are enrolled in the Metro Academy of Business and need advising support, please contact Metro Academy Advisor Danny Chau at dchau@sfsu.edu.

For more information, visit the Metro Academy of Business.

Scholarships + Honors

The Lam Family College of Business offers more than 25 scholarship opportunities to their students. Students are encouraged to apply them. Here is the list of the scholarship opportunities:

  • Agid Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Bear Family Endowed Scholarship
  • CIO Scholarship Fund
  • Don W. Scoble Endowed Scholarship
  • Ernest C. Dillard Sr. Endowed Scholarship
  • George Feliz Memorial Scholarship in Economics
  • Hong Kong Association of Northern California Scholarship
  • Janice and John Gumas Endowed Scholarship in Marketing
  • Janet Sim Endowed Scholarship
  • Jeff Clavin Memorial Scholarship
  • Kawaguchi Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Legal Marketing Association Bay Area Eric Vargas Scholarship
  • Leona Bridges Endowed Scholarship
  • Linda & Nathaniel Oubre Leadership Scholarship
  • Manny Mashouf Endowed Scholarship in Marketing
  • Martinelli Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael Jon Alton Endowed Scholarship
  • Nancy Lee Mar Endowed Scholarship
  • Nikon Precision Lam Family College of Business Scholarship
  • Ramona K. First Award Scholarship in Economics
  • Ramsey Family Endowed Scholarship
  • San Francisco State University, Lam Family College of Business Scholarship
  • SKAL International Scholarship
  • Wallace Fund for Diversity Scholarship
  • Yetta K. Zetoony Scholarship
  • Yumi E. Satow Vista Room Scholarship

Please Visit Academic Works for details, criteria and eligibility requirements. Application deadlines are in the fall or the spring semester.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Students who earn at least 3.5 GPA or above beginning their junior year will be invited to join the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Study Abroad

In the Lam Family College of Business one of the elements we focus is global perspective and always encourage our students to study abroad for one semester or year. We have more than 20 partner universities around the world. If you are interested, please visit SF State Study Abroad office website for more information. The application is normally due in September and February.


The Lam Family College of Business Student Success Center offers a variety of workshops to support students in their pursuits of academic success and graduation goals.

For a full list of frequently asked questions, see this pdf.

Here are some of the most frequent questions students ask advisers.

Where is the Student Success Center and what are the office hours?

Currently, all operations are remote. Please visit EAB Navigate to make an appointment.The Student Success Center is located in Business Building Room 112. We are open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon; 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Can I make an appointment to see an advisor?

The Student Success Center doesn’t take appointments the first two weeks of the semester. You can make an appointment after two weeks by going in person or calling us at 415-405-3531.

How can I change my major into business or change concentrations within Business?

Students who have less than 96 units can change their major through their Student Center Portal. Students who have more than 96 units will need to do a paper form request. You can come into the Student Success Center for more information.

Where can I get an educational plan for my degree?

The Student Success Center can help students create an educational Plan. However, we strongly encourage students to come in and meet with an academic advisor at least twice every semester. This will keep students on track.

Where can I get the Lam Family College of Business Dean’s Signature?

Students can come to the Student Success Center and the academic advisors can sign on behalf of the Dean.

How can I get the contact information of faculty members?

You can find the faculty contact information on the LFCoB website: cob.sfsu.edu/contact/directory or find the list on the bulletin board across from the Student Success Center.

What happens when my transfer coursework is from an out of state university/non-ASSIST schools?

Students who transfer from out of state universities or non-ASSIST schools will need to get their courses evaluated by a Lam Family College of Business Course Coordinator. Please come into the Student Success Center to obtain the list of Course Coordinators and a Course Substitution Form (a.k.a. pink form). Once the Course Substitution Form is approved by our faculty, it will allow you to substitute the course(s) for our degree requirements. The academic advisors can also sign on behalf of the course coordinators with email confirmation for the approval.

How do I enroll in a course for the 3rd time?

Students will need to fill out a Waiver of College Regulations Petition and get the proper signatures from the Instructor, Department Chair, and Dean at the beginning of the semester. Please come to the Student Success Center to obtain the petition and more detailed information.

How do I withdraw from my classes?

During the first three weeks of instruction, withdrawing from courses is permitted without restriction or academic penalty. This action is commonly referred to as ‘dropping a class.

From the beginning of the fourth week through the twelfth week of instruction

Withdrawal from a course will be permissible, for serious and compelling reasons, by consulting the faculty member teaching the course. The student must complete a “Petition for Withdrawal from Course or University” and submit the petition to the instructor for a decision. The student will receive a 'W’ grade (Withdrawal) if the withdrawal is approved. The student’s name will appear on the grade report with a pre-assigned 'W,’ and the student’s permanent record will show a 'W’ grade. However, such grades will not be used to compute a student’s GPA.

After the twelfth week

Withdrawal from a course is permissible, only for serious and compelling reasons with documentation, by consulting the instructor and obtaining the approval of the Instructor, Department Chair, and Dean. Students must submit the petition and supporting documents (including unofficial transcripts) to the instructor. Once you have obtained signatures from the Instructor and Chair, you will need to submit it into the Student Success Center. The Petition Committee will review the request for decision. Students will be notified by email once a decision is made.

How do I declare CR/NC grading option for the course?

You can declare CR/NC grading option on your Student Center Portal before the deadline. You are only allowed to declare CR/NC grading option for up to 6 units in the business core courses with the exception of BUS 300GW, BUS 682 and BUS 690. However, it is not allowed in your 7 courses in the concentration area. Please check in with an academic adviser in the Student Success Center before making the decision.

What if I have an academic issue or concern about a faculty member?

You can contact the appropriate Department Chair.

I want to know how to apply to the Lam Family College of Business?

Please check with Undergraduate Admissions at 415 338-6486 for admissions inquiries.

Did you receive my SAT scores or any type of test scores?

Please check with Undergraduate Admissions at 415 338-6486 for your test scores.

Has the University received my transcripts yet?

Please check with Undergraduate Admissions at 415 338-6486 for information.

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