Events, Workshops, Lectures & Networking

Our Innovation & Entrepreneurship programming is focused on enabling the entrepreneurial vision of our students, campus constituents, and broader community. If there is programming you would like to see or suggest, please reach out to us.  

Has the event you're looking for already passed? Couldn't make it to one of our events, or just want to relive the highlights? Check our the library of past events here!

  • March 21, 2024 - Intellectual Property Law Workshop, Mark Ciotola - Learn about how to protect your creative works and inventions while navigating the existing jungle of intellectual property (IP). Learn about major forms of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. Also learn about licensing agreements to use and give permission to use your IP. Finally, you will also learn basic techniques to search for trademarks, copyrights and patents and have an opportunity to try that out yourself.


  • March 6, 2024 - Pitch Decks 101, Sybil Yang - Whether you're getting ready for the SFSU Innovation Pitch Competition, or one your way to pitch angel and seed investors, we can all use a little guidance and feedback on our pitch decks. Come join us for an in-person working session, where we will go over the fundamentals of how to build our your pitch deck, how to tell your innovation story, and workshop your specific pitch deck. Ask questions, get advice, and work with other, like-minded entrepreneurs! Hosted by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative in the Lam Family College of Business, in conjunction with the SFSU Chapter of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM). 


  • February 19, 2024 - Choosing a Business Model, Sybil Yang - Do you have an idea, but struggle with how that idea might be commercialized and turned into an actual business? This workshop was conducted in conjunction with the SFSU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. 


  • October 4, 2023 - Small Business Startup Workshop, Mark Ciotola - Have you always wanted to start your own business, but just never knew where or how to start? Are you unsure about what it takes to start selling goods or services professionally, and as a business of your own? Whether you're just curious about what it takes to go on the entrepreneurial path and start a business of your own, or if you already have a side-gig or hobby that you want to formalize into a full-fledged business, please join us for an online workshop on how to start your own small business.


  • April 7, 2023 - How to Present to Investors with Angel Investor, Nancy Hayes - Do you have the perfect idea but need some guidance on how to articulate and present that idea to potential investors? Whether you're presenting to and audience, friends & family, angels, banks or venture capitalists get to know the keys to presenting to investors.

    Nancy Hayes has been an active angel investor since 2014 and has a portfolio of more than 25 companies. She serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs and founders of color, by providing feedback on strategy, advising them on presenting to investors and providing introductions where appropriate. Nancy is a frequent guest speaker, panelist, and judge at pitch events. She also provides training for those who are considering becoming angel/venture investors.


  • March 17, 2023 -  Computer Science Collaboration: Figma for Presentations - A more technical and hands-on workshop hosted by the Computer Science department on how to use Figma to design product prototypes and presentation slides. Level-up your deck! 
  • March 3, 2023 -  Pitch Decks 101: Tell & Sell Your Idea - Do you have an innovation or business idea and need help explaining and selling that idea to others? Investors, partners, advisors, suppliers, beta partners - is everyone asking to see your pitch deck, but you don't have one? Are you asking yourself, "What's a pitch deck? Do I need one?!" This workshop is designed to help you plan and build out a pitch deck - a short, presentation deck that articulates your idea, sells its purpose, tells your story, and excite audiences. This is a great way to prep for the University-wide Pitch Competition as well.
  • 6th Annual - 2023 - Entrepreneurship Enablers - How can we enable future entrepreneurs? We showcase people and organizations as they share how they think about, and put into action, the enabling of young entrepreneurs. PROGRAM ; VIDEO
  • 5th Annual - 2022 - Pay it Forward to Future Entrepreneurs - Our aim is to inspire our 2022 attendees to ‘pay it forward,’ and help enable the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be a powerful path to social mobility, and financial security and independence. PROGRAM; VIDEO
  • 4th Annual - 2021 - just-Innovation - 2021’s theme of “just-Innovation,” highlights how innovation and entrepreneurship can balance some of today’s toughest justice-based issues with the need for enterprises to be financially successful entities. PROGRAM ; VIDEO
  • 3rd Annual - 2020 - Designed for budding entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders seeking to develop stronger entrepreneurial skills and to build their network. Participants who are able to bring intellectual rigor, curiosity, and the drive to go out and apply what they learn in this program will see a successful transformation of themselves by the end of this event. PROGRAM

INNOVATION PITCH COMPETITION - This is the annual pitch competition for the entire San Francisco State campus. Open to all student programs, graduate and undergraduate. 

  • 2023: 

    1. Green Solutions - Heven Kibreab (IBUS '23)
    2. Green Collar Workwear - Dillon Cowell (ADM '23)
    3. CurlyCrownz Haircare - Amylah Charles (BECA) 
  • 2022: 
    1. StomaMate - Scott Drapeau (MFA '22)
    2. Wise Assistant - Angelou (MKTG)
    3. Baked! - Angelina Healy (MSA '23), Bianca (MSA'23) 
  • 2021:
    1. Lupini Milk Co.- Hope Flores, Pandora Sutherland, Rhythm Kaur, Lajja Shah, 
    2. Localized - Leeban Farah (MSQE), Drake Walker (MSQE)
    3. Adrenalyn - Shaeylnne Smith (BSBA '22), Chayanee (Nim) Jantaradaval (IBUS), Alexandria Nesbeth (ME and Kinesiology), Chiselle Co (Visual Communications & MKTG), Allen Sales (MGMT), Samia Siddiqui (IBUS and ADM)
  • 2020:
    1. Simba Police - Jugal Bhatt (CS), Sheaddha Upadhyay (MSBA), Kunal Shah (CS)
    2. Koob - Luke Del Aduila, Bryan Parji-Zborowski (MKTG), Kimberly Flores (MGMT), Soheil Ansari (CS)
    3. VAEA - Muath Alkathiri (ISYS '20), Victor Ngoon (DS '20)
  • 2019: 
    1. DePose - Andrea Rodriquez, 
    2. Smart Leggings - Erik Fernandez (MKTG)

LFCoB PITCH CONTEST - This is an annual pitch competition just for students in the Lam Family College of Business. Both undergraduates and graduate program students are eligible to participate. The contest series was first launched in 2022.

SFHacks x Computer Science x LFCoB Pitch Competition - The Lam Family College of Business is partnering with SF Hacks and the Computer Science Department to host the a pitch competition targeted at Computer Science majors. LFCoB resources will provide the business backbone to the creative hacks and builds from the SF State developer community.

  • 2024
  • 2023 (Inaugural)