Mentorship Program

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Lam Family College of Business (LFCoB) Mentorship Program aims to equip students at LFCoB with tools and skills for career success by pairing them with successful professionals for one-on-one mentoring and providing opportunities for students and alumni to expand their professional networks.

Vision Statement

The program empowers students to realize their full potential and create a successful future.

Program Goals

Mentorship is a critical part of career and personal development. For many college students, good mentorship is difficult to find. This program pairs driven students with successful alumni who graduated from the LFCoB.

Through this program, students can:

  • Connect with the greater SF State business alumni network.
  • Learn how to make the most of their college experience.
  • Discover about industries and career choices from seasoned professionals who took the same courses and had similar challenges.
  • Receive guidance as students transition into an internship, the workforce, or a career.

Program Sequence and Topics

This mentorship program runs in both the fall semester and spring semester. Students generally enroll in the program semester-by-semester. Highly motivated students may take on a year-long mentorship program, with the faculty director’s approval. The fall semester program runs from mid-September to mid-December. The spring semester program runs from mid-February to mid-May.

Students can sign up for one track any semester by indicating their preference on the enrollment form.

For Mentors

Ideally, more junior mentors in their career could assist with tracks 1 and/or 2, and mentors more senior in their career could assist with track 3. This is not absolute by any means, as you may love looking at résumés, but be a senior executive in the industry. We want this experience to be beneficial and fruitful for you as well. Time efficiency and expertise alignment are goals of a great mentor-mentee relationship.

For Mentees

Ideally, mentees should follow each track from 1 to 3 throughout their studies at SF State. Students who have completed mentorships have landed excellent internships with big and small companies. It is important as a student to understand all of these facets of the industry before going out there. You may have been helped with a résumé or discussed Linkedin through BUS 300 or somewhere else, but the opportunity to have one-on-one help with an industry professional is invaluable.

Mentoring Program Tracks

Setting up for Success Track (Track 1)

  • managing social media content
  • Perfecting Linkedin profile
  • Resume writing
  • Strengthening overall job application packages

Professional Engagement Track (Track 2)

  • Mock Interviews

    • Online vs face-to-face
  • Professional Presentation
    • Online vs face-to-face
    • Posting and following through social media
  • Learning about networking skills
    • Informational interviews
    • Reaching out to industry professionals
  • Question and Answering
    • Understanding your role in a meeting
    • Appropriate questions in different situations

Exploring Life and Career Goals/Entrepreneurship Track (Track 3)

  • Understanding strengths and areas of growth in both personality and skills
  • Coming to terms with hurdles and establishing plans to overcome current challenges

How to Apply

During the start of each semester, information will be provided in this section on how to apply to the Mentorship Program. A link will be made available for mentors and mentees in early August and January of each year. For Spring 2024, students will get notified when they’re matched with a mentor at the end of February 2024.


Hear from Industry Advisor and Mentor Stanley Li

Hear from Student and Mentee Juan Miguel Collado Nacpil

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