All majors are expected and required to see an adviser at least once a year and preferably every semester.

You can go on advising day or any other time when your adviser is available. Most faculty serve as advisers. To find an adviser, go to our faculty page and look for * (star) next to a faculty member's name. Faculty office hours are posted in the department office and download and view Faculty Office Hours [pdf].

Are you headed in the right direction?

We are particularly concerned that students sequence their courses correctly. Some students have taken longer to graduate because they have delayed taking their quantitative classes (MATH 226, ECON 311 and 312) too late in their career.

  • MATH 226 is a requirement for our intermediate classes (ECON301 and ECON302) and it is in every student's best interest to take this class as soon as possible.
  • ECON312 is a pre-requisite for ECON690 that cannot be taken concurrently. Therefore, it must be taken prior to the last semester.

For more information, take a look at our suggested course sequence.

For information on course substitution, please see our equivalents and requirements for graduation by bulletin year.

If your course does not follow our specific guidelines, you should see Dr. Chaudhuri about equivalencies for MATH 226, and Dr. Bar about equivalencies for ECON 311 and 312.

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF files. Visit the Adobe website to download the Adobe Reader.