Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business Core Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration requires a minimum of 120 units of credit, consisting of 39 units in the Business Core, 21 units in a Business Concentration, 48 units of General Education, plus 12 units of other graduation requirements. 

Prerequisites to Core Courses

There are four courses that must be taken prior to taking the business core courses. Please note that some courses may also be applied to GE courses.

  1. ENG 214/215 Second-Year Written Composition
    • Or you may take any approved second-year written composition course to fulfill this prerequisite.
    • You must have a C or better in ENG 114 or approved equivalent to enroll in this course.
  2. DS/MATH 110 Calculus with Business Applications (or pass DS/MATH 110 CLEP Exam)
    • You must have a 50 score or better on ELM, or an approved exemption to enroll in this course.
  3. ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis
  4. ISYS 263 Introduction to Information Systems
    • You must have a C- or better in DS/MATH 110 or DS 212, or pass the ISYS 263 CLEP Exam, to enroll in this course.

Business Major Concentrations

There are ten concentrations in the business major. Specific concentration requirements are in the current Bulletin. CR/NC is not allowed in concentration courses unless otherwise stated in the Bulletin.

  1. Accounting
  2. Decision Sciences
  3. Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management (Temporarily Suspended)
  4. Finance
  5. Finance with Certificate in Commercial Real Estate
  6. General Business
  7. Information Systems
  8. International Business
  9. Management
  10. Marketing

Core Courses for all Business Majors

This section is a work in progress. Information and documents are included as they become available. Information in the PDF documents provided below is subject to change and may be out of date. Please contact the Student Success Center for complete information about the core courses.

Downloadable Resources

College of Business Core Course Outlines in Portable Document Format (PDF) format.


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