The Lam Family College of Business offers a variety of scholarships to support our students’ educational goals. Funding for our scholarships has been provided by generous donors and organizations who believe in higher education and your ability to achieve academic success.

We encourage students to apply for multiple scholarships that they may qualify for!

Visit the San Francisco State University Scholarship website to learn more and apply for the scholarships listed below, or to search for additional scholarships.


Randy Casanas and son

Randy Casanas (B.S., ’19)

Nikon Precision and Wallace Fund for Diversity Scholarship Recipient

Randy is a new father and an ex-Marine. Receiving a scholarship helped him to stay in school and support his family while earning a bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in information systems.

"Despite the struggles most students my age endure in their academic endeavors, [this scholarship] gives me the peace of mind knowing there is not only government assisted financial aid, but large business out there such as Nikon to ensure there should be no excuse a student should not pursue the educational goals."

Scholarships open to all business students

  • Aaron Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Agid Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Bear Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Leona M. Bridges Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael Jon Alton Scholarship Endowment
  • NVP Associates, LLC Scholarship
  • SF State College of Business Scholarship
  • Wallace Fund for Diversity Scholarship
  • The You Can Do It Scholarship
  • Zoe Yan Xu Muffly Scholarship
  • You may apply for the Hong Kong Association of Northern California Scholarship directly on the Hong Kong Association of Northern California’s website.

Scholarships by Academic Department


  • Chevron Scholarship Fund
  • Dale McKeen Memorial Scholarship
  • Kawaguchi Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Loretta Doon Scholarship Endowment
  • Martinelli Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Ramsey Family Scholarship Endowment
  • SF State Accounting Scholars Program Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Valerie Hashimoto Scholarship
  • Paul Wiese Memorial Scholarship

Decision Sciences

There are currently no scholarships specific to Decision Sciences students. We encourage you to apply for scholarships open to all business students!


  • Don W. Scoble Endowment Scholarship
  • George Feliz Memorial Scholarship
  • Hong Kong Association of Northern California Scholarship
  • Ramona K. First Award Scholarship
  • Ramona K. First Scholarship Endowment


  • FAME Scholarship
  • Future Investment Fund Scholarship

Hospitality & Tourism Management

  • Janet Sim Scholarship Endowment
  • Nancy Lee Mar Vista Room Scholarship
  • Yumi Satow Vista Room Scholarship

Information Systems

  • CIO Scholarship Fund

International Business

  • Mitsuko Duerr Endowed Scholarship

Labor and Employment Studies

  • Ernest C. Dillard Sr. Endowed Scholarship for Labor Studies
  • Yetta K. Zetoony Scholarship


  • Kaiser Permanente Ethics & Compliance Scholarship
  • Linda & Nathaniel Oubré Leadership Scholarship


  • Janice & John Gumas Endowed Marketing Scholarship
  • Legal Marketing Association of the Bay Area Erick Vargas Scholarship
  • Manny Mashouf Endowed Scholarship
  • Devlin Neil O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Scholarships open only to graduate students

Ethics & Compliance Certificate Scholarship

Three Ethics & Compliance Certificate scholarships of up to $3,000 each have been granted, through the generous support of Kaiser Permanente, towards unreimbursed tuition for postgraduate, graduate, MBA, M.S. in Accountancy, and MPA students at San Francisco State University. See Business Certificate in Ethics & Compliance Scholarship for complete details.