2024 Undergraduate Hood Recipient and Honorees

Lam Family College of Business 2024 Undergraduate Honorees. We are proud of you!

The Lam Family College of Business Congratulates the Undergraduate Hood Recipient and Honorees for 2024!

Join us in celebrating this year’s Undergraduate Hood recipient and Honorees, representing each academic department and the General Business major at the Lam Family College of Business.

These graduates were selected by department faculty as Honorees for their exceptional academic achievements and service contributions to San Francisco State University and their communities. In addition, one of these 11 students received special recognition as the Lam Family College of Business Hood recipient and serves as the college’s undergraduate representative at the San Francisco State University Commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2024.

We are excited to present this year's Undergraduate Hood recipient and Honorees below:

This is the headshot of Meliza Matute.

Meliza Matute – Decision Sciences – Hood Recipient

Meliza Matute is a first-generation Salvadoran-American student. The child of immigrants who came to this country with very little, Meliza learned from her parents the importance of hard work and continuous learning to lead a successful life.  Her parents emphasized these values regularly, ensuring they were ingrained in her from early on. Growing up in East Palo Alto, there was a clear disparity in the levels of safety, education, and resources that divided Meliza’s hometown from the neighboring affluent areas of Menlo Park and Palo Alto. Through a school transfer program, Meliza was able to experience just how stark the differences in the availability and deployment of resources truly were, leaving her with a longing for a more equitable distribution of resources.

Later, Meliza moved to Tracy and soon dedicated herself to attending San Francisco State, traveling a total of six hours daily on public transportation – a testament to her commitment to earning her degree. She initially began as a Finance major to broaden her financial literacy but soon chose to also major in Decision Sciences during her second year. She expects to graduate with a 3.94 GPA.

While at SF State, Meliza engaged in opportunities to enrich individuals about the usefulness of Decision Sciences. She volunteered to work with incoming high school freshmen about the connection between math and business, exposing students to a real-life connection between their studies and the factors that go into business decisions that impact them and the products they engage with. Following this experience, Meliza began working as a student instructor and facilitator for the Operations Management Supplemental Instruction class, acting as a bridge between students and faculty to deepen student understanding of concepts they previously struggled with.

Meliza’s education and experiences at SF State have shaped her outlook on her future into one of working for the common good, knowing that the strength of the individual is a reflection of the strength of their community. She aspires to use both her financial and data analysis skills to better the community she lives in and aims to pursue a career that can accomplish just that.  

This is the headshot of Raymius Aguilar.

Raymius Cruz Aguilar – Accounting

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Raymius Cruz Aguilar is a diligent individual with an extreme passion for education, accounting, and community service. Since transferring to SF State from UC Davis, he has taken an interest in financial reporting, business risk assessment, and auditing. The accounting profession is a major element of his lineage, as several of Raymius’s family members are now successful CPAs. He strives to continue his family’s legacy by pursuing a career in public accounting, and eventually become a CPA himself.

As the former Vice President of Social and Service Affairs of his business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, Raymius and his fellow members facilitated multiple charitable causes including: hosting clothing drives, making ‘Appreciation Baggies’ for SF State staff, and distributing ‘Hygiene Kits’ for those in need in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Raymius also assisted other accounting-major students with resume formatting and interview preparation for internship application processes. It brings him joy to see that three of the students he directly worked with secured internships at KPMG, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte.

As an SF State Student Leader for the Oakland Unified School District, he helps high school students learn about financial literacy and professional development subjects including mock interviews, tax forms, and personal finance. One of his favorite accounting exercises he enjoys teaching the students is calculating the cost of taking a car versus riding BART. Raymius also co-facilitated business workshops for incarcerated Mount Tamalpais College students at the San Quentin State Prison with other SF State representatives.

Raymius still plans to be actively involved with volunteer work after graduation. Above all, he is very grateful for all the opportunities SF State has given him and will forever cherish the friendships he has made along the way. Very excited to finally embark on his professional accounting career, Raymius will be starting as an Audit Associate with Deloitte after graduation. Ultimately, his long-term goal is to become a Big Four accounting firm audit partner.

This is the headshot of Brianna Dea.

Brianna Dea – Management

Brianna Dea grew up in the small town of Petaluma with little diversity. For most of her life, she felt out of place and lost in the mix. For nineteen years – prior to her admission at SF State – she felt the need to erase parts of herself to feel a sense of belonging. Moving to San Francisco was the perfect opportunity for her to regain those parts of herself that she had been missing and become her authentic self.

During her junior year at SF State, she joined the LFCoB Mentorship Program as a mentee, looking for a sense of direction and guidance. Her mentor, Gabriel Stelmack, told her something that has stuck with her since, “No matter where you go or who you meet, you’re always going to have to prove yourself.” Hearing this, Brianna wanted to spread this message to her peers and help those discover what they are capable of. She realized she was driven by other’s needs and had a knack for forming connections and meaningful relationships. So, she became a student leader and worked closely with the professor of the program, Ryan Smith, and found transformative ways to help her peers feel a sense of belonging and develop their confidence and skills. From that point on, she developed her passion for helping others and took on a people-first mentality.

Brianna will graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. During her senior year, she collaborated and connected with industry professionals to host workshops and networking opportunities to discuss similar challenges and experiences of current students. She also spent most of her days helping out at the Career Services and Professional Development Center, directing students who dropped in looking for advice. Her proudest moment was her Paint With Me event with four of her peers to allow students the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions through art.

As for her future goals, she aspires to work in Human Resources in compliance or training and development. She wants to ensure that employees know their labor rights and are provided the necessary resources to propel them in their professional careers. She hopes to impact and inspire those around her while learning and hearing others’ stories.

This is the headshot of Benny Deloera.

Benny Isaac Deloera – Hospitality and Tourism Management

Benny Isaac Deloera embodies the true meaning of commitment to service both as a hospitality professional and as a United States Army veteran. Benny is among less than 1% of the American population who commit their service to the military. As an active-duty soldier, Benny’s passion for professional service and helping others derived from working with many diverse people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds throughout his career. After receiving the Global War on Terrorism ribbon and an honorable discharge, Benny sought to broaden his horizon by understanding the dynamics of hospitality and business here at SF State.

During his time at SF State, Benny actively worked in collaboration with the city of San Francisco on clean-up initiatives and contributing to city beautification efforts. His internship allowed him to focus on public service and hospitality by ensuring sidewalks and streets are ADA-accessible and public spaces are safe for San Francisco residents.

In the classroom, Benny was a role model student, asking questions, thinking critically of the subject matter, and embracing all subject matter. He continued to show his thirst for knowledge in any learning modality in his continued pursuit of his career aspirations.

Benny’s academic journey will culminate in a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management, marking a significant milestone as the first college graduate in his family and the eldest of seven siblings. His aspirations include entering the tourism industry where he aims to develop the skills necessary to one day fulfill his dream of establishing an eco-friendly campsite cabin resort, promoting sustainable initiatives.

This is the headshot of Eric Henerlau.

Eric Henerlau – Marketing

As a returning student, Eric Henerlau took on the challenges of balancing school, work, and family to successfully complete his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in German.

When he was a young adult still in college, he was recruited into his first job as an accountant. Thirty years later, after careers in finance, technology, and insurance, he decided to go back to school at community college. Being the oldest student in this unfamiliar environment was almost harder than completing the number of running marathons he had run over the years.

Each semester in college, he selected classes that would fit into a full-time work schedule and meet the associate degree requirements. Initially, he was focused on finishing his community college classes, but eventually he knew that he wanted to continue to a four-year university to earn his bachelor’s degree.

Eric has straddled his professional life in two worlds. He has worked in the insurance industry for nearly twenty years. In his current role as Sales Manager for a local insurance agency, Eric is charged with developing and executing an effective marketing strategy and recruiting and training sales producers.

Eric’s other career direction also involves his marketing skills, performance abilities, and enthusiasm. When Eric was a teenager, he took lessons in modern square dancing and trained to become a square dance caller. For over forty years, this avocation as a caller has led to many diverse and wonderful life experiences. He has called square dancing at festivals throughout the United States, Japan, Germany, Austria, and Belgium. He teaches and calls square dancing for a local club and is actively involved in promoting the activity. In addition, Eric serves on the board of governors of the International Association of Square Dance Callers.

Eric is a native Californian and lives in the Bay Area. He is married and has two grown children. In his spare time, he continues to study German and French.

The opportunity to return to school has been fulfilling on many levels for Eric, and he is thankful to everyone at SF State who helped him in his journey.

This is the headshot of James Kreiss.

James Kreiss – Labor and Employment Studies

James Kreiss will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Labor Studies and English. In addition to their outstanding academic record, James provides an example of the social justice activism and community engagement for which SF State students are renowned. Combining their academic interest in labor and commitment to economic and racial justice and LGBTQ rights, James has played a key role in one of the most important labor union campaigns of the past half-century – the Starbucks Workers United (SBWU) campaign.

Over the past two years, SBWU has organized over 400 Starbucks stores, and last month it reached a historic agreement with the company, the first of its kind, which was the result of the efforts of local activists like James. In August 2022, James organized the first Starbucks store in San Francisco. After winning an NLRB election by an overwhelming majority, James helped other California Starbucks workers organize their stores. The SBWU campaign has been led by young queer, trans, and non-binary workers like James.

James has been interviewed and profiled in numerous Bay Area and national media outlets because of their activism for SBWU, including the San Francisco Chronicle, NBC Bay Area, Univision, and other media.

In recognition of their labor activism, James received the SF State Institute for Civic and Community Engagement’s “Student Award for Excellence in Community Engagement” – the first time a business student had received it. James is also an editor of the Ex Post Facto journal, published by the SF State History department.

What distinguishes SF State as an institution are students who combine academic excellence with outstanding community engagement. As a labor activist and a queer and trans activist, James is a terrific example of this.

This is the headshot of Michael Martinez.

Michael Martinez – Information Systems

Michael Martinez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He transferred from Skyline College to SF State in Fall 2022 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Michael has maintained an outstanding cumulative GPA of 3.98.

Michael has a keen interest in cybersecurity, which stems from being a script kiddie during elementary school. After being on the receiving end of breaches and hacking attempts, he realized that there was so much he didn’t know. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdown and the increasing presence of ransomware that he decided to focus on information security as a career.

Shortly after transferring to SF State, Michael joined the campus IT Security team as a student assistant and provided support in managing security operations. He later picked up an additional opportunity as a full-time Security Intern at Blackhawk Network, where he assisted Security Engineering, Application Security, and Data Privacy teams and remained in that role.

Michael has also participated in several cybersecurity capture-the-flag competitions and was recognized by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) for two years in a row. Through scholarships awarded by NCSF, Michael was able to receive training and obtain well-respected GIAC industry certifications from the SANS Institute. At SF State, Michael also briefly served as a logistics officer for SF Hacks to support the student hackathon organization and foster interest in the cybersecurity field.

Michael received and accepted a full-time job offer as an Information Security Engineer at Blackhawk Network, where he plans to continue to build his skills in cybersecurity with a focus on securing the enterprise. Additionally, Michael was admitted to the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity (Policy) program and will start in Fall 2024 on a part-time basis. It is his firm belief that continuing his education while working in the industry will set him up to be a well-rounded security professional, capable of making critical business decisions that affect an organization’s security posture. He aspires to become an industry leader in the future, with the hopes of contributing to the development of information security best practices to keep businesses and our nation, at large, secure from the threat of bad actors.

This is the headshot of Stanislav Shaposhnikov.

Stanislav Shaposhnikov – Economics

Stanislav Shaposhnikov’s family immigrated to the United States when he was only four years old to pursue a better life. Growing up in America, coming from a mixed heritage with his mother from Georgia and his father from Belarus, and being born in Russia, Stanislav navigated a complex cultural landscape where he often felt like he didn't quite fit in. Stanislav found solace and belonging at SF State, where its diverse and inclusive community embraced him with open arms, allowing him to connect with others from similar backgrounds and thrive academically and personally.

Before joining SF State, Stanislav began his academic journey early on, embracing the possibilities America offered. At the age of 13, Stanislav took his first college course, Intro to Statistics, at Laney College. Continuing his education at the Peralta Colleges, he completed his associate degree in Mathematics at 17 years old with a 4.0 GPA. A few semesters after transferring to UC Berkeley, Stanislav realized he wanted to pursue a field more connected to social sciences while still grounded in the fundamental mathematical concepts he had learned, which led him to Economics. The promise of a vibrant academic community with amazing faculty and great resources led Stanislav to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Economics at SF State.

During his time studying mathematics, Stanislav had the opportunity to begin working in web development at a company specializing in educational technology. This endeavor allowed Stanislav to explore a greater range of technical skills, as well as develop his programming abilities, but also made him certain that he wanted to pursue economics and its real-world applications rather than purely technical fields.

Of the many great opportunities provided at SF State, one of the most crucial ones Stanislav took advantage of was the Scholars Program, which allowed him to fast-track his education. He completed his bachelor’s degree program in three regular semesters, and plus one summer semester and completed multiple graduate-level courses in his final semesters. Throughout his academic journey, Stanislav distinguished himself with exceptional performance, culminating in a 3.91 GPA at SF State. Stanislav is excited to continue his education at SF State, delving into the realm of quantitative economics by pursuing his master’s through the Scholar’s Program.

This is the headshot of Yuchi Tung.

Yuchi Tung – Finance

Yuchi Tung’s academic path at SF State has been one of determination, passion, and commitment. After transferring from City College of San Francisco to major in Business Administration, Yuchi entered SF State with a clear focus on the in-depth study of the workings of world finance. With the business fundamentals that Yuchi had gained during her time at City College, she fits seamlessly into the SF State program, concentrating in Finance. 

At SF State, Yuchi enjoyed both the theory and practical application of finance. From introductory courses in finance and investments to advanced studies in currency investment analysis and financial management, each course expanded her understanding of the dynamic financial landscape. Discussions with professors and collaborations with fellow students have enhanced her understanding of the various aspects of business, enabling her to accurately identify market trends. 

In addition to academics, Yuchi has gained a better understanding of financial knowledge by reading up on current events and purchasing stocks to analyze and experience real-world operations. These experiences provide practical insights into market dynamics and decision-making processes. 

Overall, Yuchi’s journey from City College to SF State has been a positive one. It has provided her with a deep understanding of finance and a foundation for her future career. With a 4.0 GPA at SF State and a passion for positive change, Yuchi is prepared to do well in her future profession.

This is the headshot of Adele U-Cadorette.

Adele Uchiyama-Cadorette – International Business

With a passion for making a positive impact on the world, Adele’s journey began in healthcare, where she gained invaluable skills and experiences. Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a desire for broader societal change, she transitioned to the International Business major at SF State.  

Early in her time at SF State, Adele seized the opportunity to join the Global Business and Society Fellowship, where the pressing issue of climate change and related societal issues captivated her attention, fueling her ambition to pursue a career in sustainability, not just environmentally, but also in social and governance aspects. This fellowship led her to a position as a business sustainability intern with the nonprofit Manomet, where she delved into small business sustainability. Through this internship, she connected small businesses and organizations with Manomet’s invaluable sustainability resources, gaining the opportunity to connect the often-underserved small business community with sustainability tools and gaining firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainable practices and implementation. 

Despite grappling with moments of introversion and self-doubt, Adele continually pushed herself to step out of her comfort zone to take on diverse roles to facilitate her self-growth. From participating in the Global Business and Society Fellowship to assuming leadership responsibilities as a Teaching Assistant at SF State and as an intern at Manomet, each experience has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth, reinforcing her commitment to lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement. The unwavering support of the International Business department’s faculty and the vibrant energy and passion of her fellow students have been constant sources of inspiration, propelling Adele forward in her quest to contribute meaningfully to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

This is the headshot of Annisia Williams.

Annisia Williams – General Business

The youngest in her family, Annisia Williams is a first-generation college student from the Bay Area, double majoring in General Business and Marketing. She began her college career attending Solano Community College (SCC) where she obtained two associate degrees in Marketing and in Business Administration.

Throughout college, she faced many challenges including the looming fear of financial debt and the impacts it would have on her family, finding out her Marketing degree would not transfer due to the ill-advisement of counselors, and dealing with the systemic racism and biases she encountered in education, which impacted her emotionally and mentally. Due to these challenges, Annisia often contemplated abandoning her career and educational goals. What kept Annisia afloat was the thought that she could be setting a positive example for future generations as she attempted to break through the racial disparities she faced.

Annisia was able to successfully complete both associate degrees at SCC with a 4.0 GPA despite the racism she faced that she says tried to deprive her of achieving this goal.

She decided to take a mental break from college to focus on entrepreneurship and community empowerment where she would partner with local non-profit organizations, such as All Positives and Sarah’s Soft Landing, that focused on environmental health and justice. There, she would use the skills obtained in marketing to help with community outreach and engagement efforts. These collaborations proved to be mutually beneficial as Annisia was able to help disadvantaged communities advocate for themselves while the communities helped Annisia recognize a greater purpose for pursuing a career in business. As she helped these communities, she learned the detrimental effects of unethical business practices on disadvantaged communities of color, which deprived them of basic necessities, such as clean water, air, and soil. She developed a strong desire to change this. 

After taking a much-needed academic break and learning about the impacts of unethical business practices on local communities, Annisia returned to school to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in General Business and Marketing, which had previously felt unattainable. Amid course cuts, Annisia took on 21 units in one semester to expedite her degree completion, while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Today, Annisia aims to use her degree to influence the mindset of business and marketing professionals as it relates to environmental health and justice, hoping to prevent harm before it starts by promoting sustainable business practices, leading to positive change in marginalized communities.