RI&E Tools & Research Grants

Research Output, Tools, and Metrics

The RI&E Initiative aims to influence managerial behavior through the development and dissemination of research, tools, and metrics (such as indexes, measures for RI&E, case studies, practice-oriented publications, and seminars). Furthermore, we will aim to help mission-driven companies navigate spaces where there are tensions between their mission-related elements and business elements relating to scale such that they are in a better position to build responsible innovation capabilities and scale their mission. One of these would be the development of a signature index/rating for Responsible Innovation based on the sub-dimensions of anticipation, reflexivity, inclusion, and responsiveness.


We will offer two signature grants as a part of this program for LFCoB faculty:

Conquer the Revise and Resubmit (R&R) Grants

This grant will support faculty who submit their work to high impact and high rigor journals on the topic of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Research and receive a Revise and Resubmit (R&R) such that they have dedicated time to work on the R&R. The goals of the award are to (a) support the mission of the Initiative in becoming a center of excellence in I&E Research, and (b) support innovation and ethics-oriented elements of SF State’s mission.

Advance to Submission (AtS) Competitive Grants

The goal of the award is to support LFCoB faculty engaged in I&E Research such that they can avail of dedicated research time to advance their research to the submission stage of rigorous and impactful peer-reviewed journals. The goal of this award is to support the mission of the Initiative in becoming a center of excellence in I&E Research.


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