Global Business and Society Fellows Program

The Global Business and Society (GBS) Fellows Program offers a platform for interested students to develop a deeper understanding of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how global business can contribute to achieving these goals.

Application Deadline Fellows Program

Application Deadline for the Fall 2022 GBS Fellows Program: Sunday, August 14, 2022

Application Link:

Program Format

The Fellows Program offers a series of pro-seminars in which business leaders and domain experts share their industry practices and business solutions to address the most pressing SDGs challenges. Seminar topics include poverty and underdevelopment in emerging markets, gender inequality, circular business model, climate change and clean energy, and sustainable tourism. Student fellows investigate the SDGs and related business solutions, reflect on their learning, and showcase their findings to the campus community. 

When and Where to Meet

The Fall 2022 GBS Fellows Program offers a hybrid learning platform of interactive online seminars, three on-site meetings (the welcome session, the poster presentation, and the closing ceremony), and asynchronous self-learning. The Fellows Program meets at 9:30 am to 12:15 pm on Wednesdays at BUS 202 or via Zoom meetings.

Why You Should Join

  • To develop a deep understanding of the critical issues facing the world and how global business can help solve these issues
  • To earn 3-unit credit that can count towards your graduation (this option requires tuition payment of 3 credits) or be a fellow without registering for a course
  • To enhance your employability
  • To work with students from different disciplines and build professional networks
  • To receive zero-cost learning materials
  • To receive a certificate of completion for “Global Business and Society Fellows Program”

Who Is Eligible

  • Enrolled Junior and senior undergraduate students with good academic standing
  • Selected MBA/MSBA and non-business graduate students

How to Join

  • Fill out the application form
  • If seeking academic credit, after being accepted into the Fellows Program, the program director will email you a permit number to register BUS699-02 Independent Study (3 units; for undergraduate students), BUS 899-01 (3 units; for graduate students), or IBUS 815-01 Seminar in International Business (3 units; for graduate students), or seek Independent Study credit from your own department.
  • After being accepted into the Fellows Program, you can be a fellow without enrolling in any course


Please reach out to the program coordinator by email: Professor Bo Ferns at