RI&E Conference and Activities

As a part of the Responsible Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiatives goal to engage with the I&E research community, we will offer two types of events:

Annual RI&E Conference

This is the marquee event for the initiative that includes two to three of the following components:

  • Keynote Speaker: well-known I&E scholar
  • Panel discussions on Responsible I&E
  • Paper development workshops by editorial staff of well-known I&E journal editors
  • Research Ideation Sessions: Collaborative ideation session on frontiers of innovation

Research Brown Bags

Two to three are held per semester that are of two types:

  • Research Domain talks: host talks by leading scholars doing cutting-edge RIE/I&E research
  • Research Methods talk: brown bags that showcase research methods using cutting-edge tools that seminar participants can consider using in their research

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