First Fridays Fun

First Fridays Fun

Fall and Spring Networking Event for All San Francisco State University Students

On the first Friday of every month, SF State students, faculty, alumni, staff and interested parties come together in an informal social and educational setting—one that supports many interests, perspectives and schedules to promote curiosity in a continuous learning environment.

Sample of speakers from the past year:

Trust: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D., Information Systems, San Francisco State University
  • Horea Porutiu is a developer advocate focused on ensuring developers' success on IBM Cloud. His hobby of investing led him to a career focused on blockchain. Horea is an active leader in the blockchain community and speaks at various community events about the Hyperledger project. Horea has been named a top writer for the leading tech blog site, Hacker Noon.