MBA Emphasis in Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Leadership

four students in a classroom setting

This emphasis provides students with a focus on leading mission-driven organizations dedicated to addressing social and environmental problems. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to apply business skills in not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Learning outcomes include the ability to:

  • articulate and communicate a coherent organizational vision
  • develop a business plan for launching or expanding a mission driven organization
  • apply innovation techniques to address unmet needs
  • evaluate the effectiveness of programs and projects to address unmet needs

Core Courses

In addition to the core MBA requirements, students specializing in nonprofit and social enterprise leadership must complete the following three courses and at least two electives approved by an adviser.

  • PA 744: Nonprofits, Policy and Society - Focus on the vital role of nonprofit organizations in today's society as well as on the public policies that affect and influence that role.
  • MGMT 858: Innovation for Sustainability - Focus on business innovation to meet society's emerging needs. Application of design thinking and innovation to the challenges of creating a more sustainable society and the emerging opportunities for business to become an innovative force in addressing social and environmental problems.
  • MGMT 863: Seminar in Social Entrepreneurship - Exploration of how entrepreneurial individuals and companies find innovative methods to leverage scarce resources in the pursuit of social values
    IBUS 868: Strategies in Emerging and Developing Economies - Examination of the strategies and basic institutions underlying emerging markets in developing economies. Focus on strategies, business models, micro-financing, and community-based initiatives.

Suggested Electives

  • PA 755: Program Evaluation - Evaluation design, measurement, impact analysis, project implementation and management, and the design and evaluation of requests for proposals and proposals themselves.
  • IBUS 841: Creativity for Managers: A Global Perspective - Recognize, analyze, and support the value-adding determinants of creative behavior in global context; techniques for enacting and fostering productive creativity. Basic design thinking and problem formulation and solving theory and skills. Possesses some aspects of a lab/studio-oriented course.
  • MGMT 848: Seminar in Leadership Patterns and Opportunities - Analysis of leadership patterns and opportunities in increasingly complex organizational environments.
  • MGMT 857: Leadership in Action - Seminar focused on current dilemmas faced by Bay Area executives. Each class session will focus on problems or opportunities presented by guest speakers.
  • BUS 899: Independent Study - Supervised project working with a Bay Area non-profit or social enterprise.

Other graduate level courses in Management, Public Administration and other disciplines university-wide, may be chosen in consultation with a Non-Profit And Social Enterprise Leadership advisor.

Faculty Adviser

  • Tom Thomas