Personal Branding Workshop for current MBA, EMBA and MSA students

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:15am
SF State Downtown Campus, 6th floor
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Armaan Moattari, Assistant Director- Graduate Business Programs
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Personal Branding and Online Networking Workshop

Wednesday March 29, 2017, 5-6:15 pm, Downtown Campus, 6th floor

Registration required: Send an email to to register for this workshop

This workshop is open to current MBA, EMBA and MSA students and is designed to help you better understand your strengths and learn valuable ways to get those strengths into a place of higher visibility.

The work we do is not always immediately available for review unless you are on TV or in the movies. And even in those mediums, actors and news anchors spend enormous amounts of money and time refining and expressing their own personal brands. You will not only discover what your brand is in this workshop, but you will learn how to shape it, express it, and engage others in advocating for your brand to a much wider audience.

Your brand statement will match your natural talents to your ambitions. It will be easy to remember and share with your immediate classmates. And we will wordsmith a long and short version of your personal brand statement.

Finally, at the end of the course we will plan how you can bring these statements to LinkedIn and other social media to get the word out about you!


  • Identify individual elements of your brand
  • Learn about how you are seen by your peers
  • Create a brand pitch 
  • Learn how to manage your brand with the help of others
  • Learn how to express your brand in social media



Knute Kallander has devoted his career to finding out why some organizations run so poorly while others create an atmosphere of trust, loyalty, and enjoyment as well as profit. As an executive coach, trainer, sales leader and communications consultant he has helped hundreds of companies find and leverage their strengths while implementing programs that address their weaknesses.

Knute earned his undergraduate degree in “Human Development and Interaction.” This major brought together Sociology and Psychology, and paved the way for further studies in “Organizational Development and Behavior” for which he earned his Master of Science degree. After a rigorous program he became a certified coach through New Ventures West.

While at RightNow Consulting, he spent 6 years promoting and implementing a methodology for sales and sales leadership with a focus on the Title Industry. During a time of cut-backs and downsizing after the real estate bubble, Knute was hired to build a brand new culture around the delivery of services and promoted a sales technology that was previously unknown in the Title world.

Knute is not only well known for his effectiveness and ability to move organizations. He is also routinely regarded as an approachable and friendly presence in any organization even if the tension in that organization is high. His values in integrity, compassion, and humor combined with deep systems knowledge work well together to create an atmosphere of growth and change.