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Overcoming Fear of Presenting

News + Events : Overcoming Fear of Presenting

Overcoming Fear of Presenting
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
6:30pm - 8:00pm
DTC 557

Do you find that you are anxious or uncomfortable before getting in front of an audience?

Do your hands shake a little, or does your stomach hurt?

Have you at times wished the building would conduct a fire drill so that you could put off your presentation?

Or for a few of you, is it even worse as you toss and turn the night before you have to speak struggling to get some sleep?

It turns out that you are not alone, and that many popular figures such as Barbara Streisand and Richard Branson have had to deal with overwhelming stage fright.

About the seminar

This course explores physically how to deal with fear, such as what to do with your trembling hands and how to breathe.

We will also learn about the mental game. It turns out that what you say to yourself before you get on stage has a great impact upon whether you experience butterflies or excitement. In our time together we will explore the modern science of fear, and learn the practical steps you can take to convert your fear into enthusiasm for a great performance.

Workshop Facilitator

Knute KallanderKnute Kallander has a master’s degree in organizational development and over 15 years of experience in building leadership capacities and teaching communication skills to top level managers and executives.

He has coached over 300 employees who were in a transition from being individual contributors to becoming department heads or team leaders. He has an extensive background in non-profit, financial services, and biotech including Providian Financial and Genentech.

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