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Etiquette Workshop: What's So Big About Small Talk?

News + Events : Etiquette Workshop: What's So Big About Small Talk?

Etiquette Workshop: What's So Big About Small Talk?
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
5:00pm - 6:30pm
DTC 597

What's So BIG about Small Talk and Success at Networking and Social Events?!

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Hand shake, name tag and introduction etiquette
  • Self-introduction and how to introduce two to three others based on the hierarchy of business
  • The art and science of conversation
  • How to prepare before, during and after the event
  • What to do when you forget a name
  • Cell phone etiquette
  • Open ended questions and other tried and true techniques to put yourself and others at ease
  • What is Business Casual; what to wear
  • Email, text and phone etiquette
  • Business meeting etiquette
  • How to enter a room and decide what to do first, and what to do second
  • How to break into a conversation and how to exit; the art of mingling
  • How to shake hands, the proper position of the name tags, how to introduce yourself
  • How to make proper introductions between two or more people based on the hierarchy of the business world. Learn skills that help connect others seamlessly.
  • How to hold a glass and plate and a napkin in your left hand to leave your right hand free to shake
  • How to prepare in advance, what to do before, during and after the event
  • Topics to avoid, annoying body language gestures, the art of small talk
  • Proper etiquette leaving a hosted event; thank you notes
  • Business card etiquette

Business etiquette workshops are facilitated by Gina Snyder. Gina has over 10 years of experience enhancing business etiquette skills of college students, MBA students, international students, and professionals.

The workshop is limited to 35 students. Students must RSVP to reserve their seat. No walk-ins.

If you have any questions about this workshop or other etiquette workshops, please contact Margaux Weeke at

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