$1000 Teaching Award

Business Ethics Week is CESB’s marque event, but another goal for the Center is raising awareness of ethical, environmental, and social sustainable concerns during the other 51 weeks of the year. Likewise, the Center promotes embedding such content in ALL courses across the business curriculum. Too often such concerns are either ignored or, if addressed, are relegated to a sidebar reading buried deep in the textbook about an obviously deep-green company like Toms Shoes or Patagonia and not related to the other 99.5% of the course delivery. If this is not your approach, then please apply for this award!

To qualify, you must:

  • Be an instructor teaching a LFCoB course in Spring 2022 (FERPs, lecturers, T/TT are all equally eligible, save for current CESB Board members). Courses where the dominant theme is ethics/CSR/sustainability (ex. BUS682, BUS450, etc.) are likewise not eligible.
  • Embed a case study or other assignment or exercise where the equivalent of at least one class session is used that directly addresses ethical, environmental, or social sustainability concerns. This does not have to occur during Business Ethics Week.

To apply for the award, please email cesb@sfsu.edu with:

  1. The current syllabus with the activity/session highlighted, and the number of students enrolled.
  2. A relevant document (case description, exercise writeup, etc.) used for the activity/session
  3. If not apparent from the above two items a short (150 words or less) description of how that activity/session addresses an ethical, environmental or social justice problem.

The deadline is April 23rd 2022. A panel of judges from the CESB Advisory Board will review and rank the entries on the basis of the following criteria:

  • How centrally does the activity/session address an ethical, environmental or social justice issue?
  • Does this course reside in a discipline where such issues are often not addressed?
  • Is the topic (and activity) relevant, compelling, and likely to motivate students?

The award will be announced in Fall 2022.