Economics Department tutoring room and computer lab are not open at this time.

Tutoring is available  for Econ 101, Econ 102, Econ 301 and Econ 302 through TASC. See current schedule (PDF)

Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC)

The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) is a new university-wide center that supports the academic success of all San Francisco State students.

At TASC, you will meet tutors who care about you, and about what and how you learn. Tutors will assist you in completing specific assignments as you strengthen your overall academic skills. Tutors are available to work with you one-on-one and in small groups in sessions tailored to your unique needs and learning styles. They are there to support you in your goal of succeeding at the university.

TASC offers appointments for most subjects. For more information, visit https://ueap.sfsu.edu/tutoring