2018 Faculty Activities in the Classroom

The Lam Family College of Business embraces business ethics in a variety of ways. Department faculty and classroom activities in support of Business Ethics Week 2018 are listed below as they are confirmed.

Community Engagement

Antoaneta Petkova

MGMT 630 Managing the Entrepreneurial Organization

Whole Foods case - building a community of purpose field study and class discussions of the ethics, sustainability, and community engagement practices of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.


Kristine Caratan

ACCT 818 Accounting Ethics

This entire course is devoted to the topic of accounting ethics.During Ethics week the lecture topic was Ethical Leadership in CPA firms.

Manely Sharifian

BUS 682 Seminar in Business & Society

We are going to talk about ethics in marketing in the class.

Susan Cholette

BUS 886 Decision Sciences

Stats&Ops: Discussion on select topics from "Calling BS in the age of information" focusing on the ethical ramifications of mis-interpreting data.

Theresa Roeder

DS 408 Computer Simulation

Discussed the difference between ethics and morality, and how the "soft" notion of ethics still does play an important role in a field that's supposedly entirely numbers-based. How to incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into the analysis.

Julia Miyaoka

DS 412 Decision Sciences

An examination of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Leyla Ozsen

DS 412 Decision Sciences

An examination of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Ramesh Bollapragada

DS 412 Decision Sciences

An examination of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Sada Soorapanth

DS 412 Decision Sciences

An examination of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Stewart Liu

DS 412 Decision Sciences

An examination of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Theresa Roeder

DS 411 Decision Sciences

Discussion on ethics and Decision Sciences.

Yabing Zhao

DS 412 Decision Sciences

Ethical issues in Quality Management, including discussion of a quality management case.

Antoaneta Petkova

MGMT 630 Managing the entrepreneurial organization

Keeping Google Googley - case discussion of the relationship between organizational culture and business ethics.

Priyanka Joshi

MGMT 648 Ethical Leadership

We will start out by discussion course readings on business ethics. We will also be watching and discussing the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Kathy O'Donnell

MKTG 434 Social, Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising

In addition to covering the related chapter in the text book, we discussed campaigns that successfully use advertising to create social justice including Nike Middle East, Heineken, TV2 Denmark, Nike Colin Kaepernik, Alo House Drug Rehab Center, and Don't Text and Drive campaigns. We also discussed PG&E's corrective advertising campaign, which was required by the courts, as part of their punishment for the San Bruno pipeline explosion.


MKTG 649 Ethics and Big Data

Discussion regarding the use of big data tools and ethical problems that arise when using flawed algorithms.Will show the TED talk: Cathy O'Neil: The era of blind faith in big data must end.


MKTG 675 Ethics in branding

Discussion of representation in branding and the power of marketers to exploit and perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Yabing Zhao

DS 412 Operations Management

Discussion of ethical issues in Quality Management.

Social Justice

Rex Cheung

BUS 776 and DS212 Decision Sciences

Discussion of Correlation vs. Causation and the problems created by mis-interpretation.


BUS 783 Human testing in the developing world

Discussion centered on human medical trials and accessibility to drugs in the developing world.

Venoo Kakar

Econ 102, Econ 731 Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis, Econometric Theory

Econ 102: Discussed a few experimental economics research papers studies on race-based discrimination in the labor market.

Econ 731: Using real world data and economic modelling techniques we discussed gender pay gap in the labor market."

Sepideh Modrek

Econ 450 Equity and the ACA

We will be looking at data since the enactment of ACA and how different groups were affected.

Social Responsibility

Professor Stewart

BUS 682 Seminar in Business & Society

Our week is centered on globalization and its effects on corporations' violation or upholding of human rights of the populations they exploit, particularly in developing countries.

Nara Jeong

Corporate governance and CSR: Lehman Brothers case study; "Inside Job (2010)"

Case analysis on the Lehman Brothers case related with 2009 financial crisis. The class discussed about board and top executives responsibility. Also, I asked students to write a report after watching a video Inside Job (2010), which criticizes the moral hazard of top executives and asks about the role of government.


Ian M. Dunham

BUS 682 Seminar in Business & Society

Ecological footprint: Quantifying individual environmental impact. During this week students will learn about various environmental issues and consider how their impact of their actions and lifestyle choices.

Geoff Desa

BUS 690 Strategic Management

Calculate your ecological footprint and the carbon footprint for your commute , identify carbon offsets and debate the social impact merits of local vs. global community initiatives.

Susan Cholette

DS 855 Decision Sciences

Supply Chain Management: How to perform a product carbon footprint analysis

Ryana S. Barbosa

BUS 682 Seminar in Business & Society

"Sustainable Development and Global Business. Excerpts from the first An Inconvenient Truth followed by a class discussion regarding the science, policies, and business decisions that have impacted climate change and potential solutions (both private and public) we can employ to address these urgent challenges, with an eye on equity and environmental justice. If there's time, we'll listen to https://radiopublic.com/TheDaily/ep/s1!10ca2 podcast on a recap of progressive environmental policies we *almost* passed decades ago and the consequences we're dealing with now as a result of those policy failures. We'll focus in on the current lawsuit the State of New York is filing against Exxon on behalf of its shareholders for knowingly downplaying the effects of climate change on Exxon's business, and the recent Nobel Prize winning economists work on carbon taxes!"