Business Ethics Week 2015 Faculty Activities in the Classroom

The Lam Family College of Business embraces business ethics in a variety of ways. Department faculty and classroom activities in support of Business Ethics Week 2015 are listed below as they are confirmed.

Department of Accounting

Tina Caratan

ACCT 818 Accounting Ethics and Fraud    

  • E-commerce Fraud

ACCT 504-02 Not for Profit/Government Accounting

  • On September 28, Former CFO of the City of Stockton, Vanessa Burke discussed the various aspects of the bankruptcy of the City and the various ethical considerations the City leaders had to face as they worked through their debts

John Lord

ACCT 504-01

  • Ethical Principles under GAGAS. ohn will include a real life story that happened to him while employed by the US Forest Service

ACCT 101-01 and 02 & ACCT 305 Managerial Accounting/ Cost Accounting

  • IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice Guidelines

Bing Luo

ACCT 100-05 and 06 Financial Accounting

  • How Internal Control Systems help prevent, detect and correct business fraud and the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

Theresa Hammond

ACCT 848 and ACCT 305 Seminar in Controllership/ Cost Accounting

  • Tactics used by for profit universities to attract students. Students, as homework will watch a documentary that documents the fact that for profit universities account for only 10 percent of the student population in Higher Ed, but they account for 50 percent of the Federal student loans, and 90% of the defaults. The discussion will center around cost structures and revenue models for the various types of universities--public, not for profit and for profit.

Department of Decision Sciences

Hamed Hasheminia

DS212 Business Statistics

  • A discussion of ethics in interpreting statistical results

Jamie Eng

DS212 Business Statistics

  • A discussion of ethics in interpreting statistical results

Julia Miyaoka    

DS412 Operations Management  

  • Discussion on ethics in quality

Ramesh Bollapragada    

DS412 Operations Management    

  • Discussion on ethics in quality

Julia Miyaoka    

DS412  Operations Management    

  • Discussion on ethics in quality

Theresa Roederer    

DS412 Operations Management    

  • Discussion on ethics and decision sciences

Leyla Ozsen    

DS212 Business Statistics    

  • Discussion on ethical issues in collecting and presenting data

Robert Saltzman    

DS624 Quality Management    

  • Discussion on ethical Issues in hypothesis testing; p-hacking demo


DS412 Operations Management    

  • Ethical issues in using/interpreting data,examples from "How to Lie with Statistics"

Susan Cholette    

DS412 Operations Management    

  • Guest speakers from ethical and sustainable food companies to discuss their supply chain challenges

DS412 Operations Management    

  • Presentation of sustainable supply chain concepts, including a carbon footprinting analysis

Sada Soorapanth    

DS212 Business Statistics    

  • Presentation of sampling bias and resultant associated ethical issues

Department of Economics

Michael Bar    

Econ 312 Introduction to Econometrics    

  • How to use dummy variables to measure gender-based and race-based discrimination in the labor market. We also study the effects of gender inequality on economic development of countries.

Venoo Kakar    

Econ 102 Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis     

  • Unconventional monetary policy tool – Are central banks credible?

Econ 731 Econometric Theory     

  • Econometric/Statistical Inference using Multiple Regression Analysis with qualitative information for policy analysis and program evaluation.

Don Mar

Econ 400 Economic and Social History of the United States  

  • The Ethics of Monopoly Power and Regulation in the late 19th Century US Economy

Anoshua Chaudhuri  

Econ 301-01 Intermediate Microeconomics    

  • Ethical Decision-making by Monopolies and the Role of Public Policy

Anoshua Chaudhuri    

Econ 620 Development Economics     

  • Development Economics, we will discuss the Potential Conflicts between Free trade and National Ethical Standards as part of our discussion on Globalization that week.

Kirill Chernomaz    

Econ 101 Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis    

  • Ethical implications of pricing strategies aimed at increasing the producers' profits at the expense of consumers.

Econ 616 Game Theory    

  • Feasibility and ethical implications of collusive pricing practices.

Zuzana Janko    

Econ 612 International Finance and Macroeconomics    

  • Financial Crises and role of the IMF, including discussion of the article "The Economic Debacle in Argentina - The IMF Strikes Again"

Econ 302 Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis     

  • The ethics of monetary and fiscal policy

Department of Finance

Daniela Balkanska

Fin 350 Business Finance

  • Frontline documentary “To Catch a Trader” and an exercise on insider trading

David Distad    

Fin 351 Financial Management    

  • Brief review of ethical and unethical behavior in the profession

Tim Lee    

Bus 785 Financial Management    

  • Failure in corporate governance

Fin 828 Seminar in Financial Markets and Institutions

  • Sales and lending practices in financial services industry

Katherine Mattes    

Fin 365 Real Estate Principles    

  • Using the Realtor Code of Ethics new member orientation program, prepared by the National Association of Realtors, as a foundation, Katherine Mattes will discuss the origins and basic concepts of ethics within the real estate industry. 1 or 2 case studies will be used to reinforce the concepts.

Department of International Business

Yikuan Lee

IBUS 590 International Environmental Analysis    

  • "Two classes will discuss two cases about Ethics and International Business.Case 5.1: Walmart and Its Critics.Case C: iPad and Foxconn Sweatshop"

Yim-Yu Wong    

IBUS 815 Seminar in International Business

  • "The ethical aspect of outsourcing will be discussed in class. How innovation can be applied unethically"

Nini Yang

IBUS 690.01/.02 Global Strategic Management     

  • "Two classes will discuss cross-cultural ethical issues and strategic CSR based on student team assignments: Wynn Macau: Gambling on the Edge of China. Private Equity Investment in China"

IBUS 681.02 Seminar in Comparative Management    

  • "The class will discuss two cases in relation to business ethics and local responsive CSR in international management: BlackBerry in International markets: Balancing Business Interests and Host Nation’s Security Concerns (Global and Middle East).MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenges (Global and Saudi Arabia)"

Bruce Heiman     

IBUS 841 Creativity for Managers: A Global Perspective    

  • View/discuss the film "Extreme by Design" a 60 min. documentary on Stanford's "Design for Extreme Affordability" class, which is mostly about feasible, ethical ways for "privileged" 1st-world students/professors to really make a serious try at "making a difference" for under-served communities globally.

Department of Management

Michael Albert

MGMT 405 Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior    

  • Ethical implications for Managing Human Resources

Cary Silberman    

MGMT 610 Human Resource Management    

  • We discuss the difference between Ethics and morals and if a business can be sustainable if it is just focused on profits and not human service. We pose some ethical questions and discuss them in groups such as: If you see a co-worker breaking a company rule or engaging in a dishonest act, what would you do? If a manager instructs you to do something unethical-what would you do?

Peter Melhus    

BUS 682 Seminar in Business and Society    

  • Class will discuss sustainable development and global climate change

BUS 884 The Politcal, Social, and Legal Environment of Business  

  •  Class will discuss corporate scandals of the first decade of the 21st century.

Mitchell Marks    

MGMT 670 Seminar in Organizational Design and Change    

  • There will be discussions and case examinations of ethical issues in collecting and using employee data at the work place (e.g., employee attitude surveys).

MGMT 842 Seminar in Organizational Design and Change    

  • There will be discussions and case examinations of ethical issues in collecting and using employee data at the work place (e.g., employee attitude surveys).

Anne Koch    

BUS 690 Seminar in Business Policy and Strategic Management  

  • will show a movie and have a class discussion on international sustainable business practices as part of the BE week.

John Dopp    

MGMT 848 Leadership    

  • Discussing popular leadership books during this time. Almost all of these books cover ethical issues, and some discuss sustainability issues. Each student (30 students) read a different book and reports on the book in class to small groups for discussion and then highlights are shared with the whole group.

Denise Kleinrichert    

BUS 440 Ethics at Work: Business Impacts    

  • Focus is on ethical issues related to various uses of technologies, including case study student presentations on Facebook and Drones, plus case analyses of software uses, privacy and safety (including data use and storage, Volkswagon vehicles, biotech).

BUS 682 Seminar in Business and Society    

  • Focus is on ethics related to diversity in the workplace, including a case study student presentation on Abercrombie & Fitch and additional employer case studies related to failures to recognize the ethics and compliance requirements of employment practices (based on gender, race, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, age, religion, etc.).

MGMT 850 Ethics and Compliance in Business    

  • Focus is on ethical issues related to consumer products/services including: case study analyses of clinical lab testing of pharmaceuticals on monkeys, product trademark infringements, fast food marketing, Facebook/social media consumerism.

Smita Trivedi    

BUS 682 Seminar in Business and Society    

  • Lecture and discussion on sustainable development and global climate change, with a focus on Kimpton hotels' Earthcare program

Jason Harris-Boundy    

IBUS/Mgmt 659 International Negotiations      

  • Required readings on Negotiation Ethics, Negotiating with Liars, and Three Schools of Bargaining Ethics; Negotiation simulation with confidential role preparation that involves confronting an ethical dilemma

BUS 788 Mgmt Principles & Org Behavior: Management Principles and Organizational Behavior    

  • Required reading that focuses on using power and influence ethically and effectively; Discussion of a video case that involves ethical dilemmas

Antoaneta Petkova    

BUS 690 Seminar in Business Policy and Strategic Management

  • Teams are interviewing their respective for-profit and non-profits, then bringing first-draft reports. We are also discussing a case specifically focused on environmental sustainability the week before TG break.

BUS 890 Culminating Experience in Strategic Management  

  • Teams have already been working with their respective organizations for a while and are submitting their first-draft analysis. We are covering in class a topic related to business ethics.

Department of Marketing

Bruce Robertson

MKTG 431 Principles of Marketing 

  • Lecture on marketing ethics and discussion on two ethical dilemmas faced by Coca-Cola and Target.

Gulnur Tumbat  

MKTG 434, MKTG 632 Advertising, Consumer Behavior  

  • Deceptive and unfair practices in Advertising and how the related main government institutions FDA, FTC, FCC deal with them.

Ho Dac Nga

MKTG 469 Digital Marketing    

  • Consumer privacy issues and permission marketing on the web.

Mahmood Hussain    

MKTG 649 Marketing Management    

  • One textbook chaper and one short case on Marketing Ethics.

Matt Fisher    

MKTG 675 Brand Management    

  • "(1) Ethical Framework for the Marketing of Corporate Social Responsibility, (2) Brand Equity destruction: Volkswagon, and (3) Case Study discussion: Brand Associations and Certified B-Corps"

Sanjit Sengupta

MKTG 860 Strategic Marketing    

  • "Ethical and Social Implications of Marketing Decisions: (1) Chapter 18, Conducting Marketing Responsibly in the Global Economy from Kotler and Keller, Framework for Marketing Management, 6th edition, and (2) Analyzing Ethical Problems in Business from Chapter 4, Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy by Lawrence, Anne T., and James Weber."