Business Ethics Week 2014 Faculty Activities

The Lam Family College of Business embraces business ethics in a variety of ways. Department faculty and classroom activities in support of Business Ethics Week 2014 are listed below as they are confirmed.

Department of Accounting

Mohsen Tavakolian / ACCT 100, ACCT 302

ACCT 100: Discussion on cases in accounting ethics.
ACCT 302: Discussion on cases in accounting ethics.

Department of Decision Sciences

Susan Cholette / DS 412, DS 786

DS 412: Operations Management - Presentation of sustainable supply chain concepts, including a carbon footprinting analysis.

DS 786: Operations Analysis - Presentation of sustainable supply chain concepts, including a carbon footprinting analysis.

Sada Soorapanth / BUS 776

Data Analysis for Managers: Presentation of sampling bias and resultant associated ethical issues.

Ramesh Bollapradaga / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion on ethics in quality.

Julia Miyaoka / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion on ethics in quality.

Theresa Roederer / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion on ethics and decision sciences.

Leyla Ozsen / DS 212

Business Statistics: Discussion on ethical issues in collecting and presenting data.

Robert Saltzman / DS 624

Quality Management: Discussion on ethical Issues in hypothesis testing.

Uday Udayabhanu / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion on ethical issues in using/interpreting data.

Department of Economics

Philip King / ECON 605

History of Economic Thought: A detailed discussion of ethics from the Greeks to today and how economic thought has evolved over time. The class spends a considerable amount of time discussing what Thorstein Veblen referred to as "the hedonistic calculus."

Michael Bar / ECON 102, ECON 302

ECON 102: Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis - Discussion about the importance of transparency of monetary policy.

ECON 302: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory - Will discuss the economic and ethical issues with government bailouts during the Great Recession.

Venoo Kakar / ECON 102, ECON 731

ECON 102: Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis - “Forward guidance” as an unconventional monetary policy tool – how credible are central banks with respect to forward guidance.

ECON 731: Econometric Theory - Econometric/Statistical Inference using Multiple Regression Analysis with qualitative information for policy analysis and program evaluation.

Don Mar / ECON 715

Mathematical Economics: Brief discussion about mathematically modeling the effects of corruption on economic growth.

Anoshua Chaudhuri / ECON 301, ECON 620, ECON 640/840

ECON 301: Intermediate Microeconomics - Monopoly behavior and role of public policy.

ECON 620: Development Economics - Ethics in intra-household allocation of resources gained from health programs and policy in a developing country setting.

ECON 640/840: Health Economics Policy and Analysis - Ethics in health care data collection, use, and analysis.

Department of Finance

Daniela Balkanska / FIN 350

Business Finance: Class discussion, video clips from Frontline’s documentary “To Catch a Trader” and exercise on insider trading.

David Hysinger / FIN 365, FIN 370, FIN 372

FIN 365: Real Estate Principles

FIN 370: Fundamentals of Real Estate

FIN 372: Commercial Leasing and Development

In his commercial real estate courses during Business Ethics Week, David Hysinger will be covering case studies on corporate responsibility for environmental clean-up and the fiduciary duties of real estate brokers. He will also be on the faculty debate team for the student-faculty ethics case study debate.

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management


Department of Information Systems

Luftus Sayeed / ISYS 814

Information Systems for Strategic Advantage: Discussion on Green IT issues.

Department of International Business 

Bruce Heiman / IBUS 841

Creativity Skills for the Global Managers: Instructor-facilitated, Student-driven lecture, cases and activities on the topic of Design Thinking: The Big Picture--The role of ethics, sustainability, and social issues under globalization. Class session is November 3, 2–4:45 p.m., SF State Downtown Campus, room 610.

Valerie Rosenblatt / IBUS 576

Global Entrepreneurship: Class discussion on business ethics in entrepreneurship. Students will complete self-assessments, explore ethical decision making process, and discuss individual and situational factors influencing ethical decision making.

Yikuan Lee / IBUS 590

Global Business Environmental Analysis: A lecture on ethics in International Business and two case study analyses: 1) Walmart and Its Critics and 2)iPad the Foxconn Sweatshop. Students will also be given homework on the ethical perspective of gray marketing.

Lihua Wang / IBUS 659, IBUS 690

IBUS/MGMT 659: Cross Cultural Negotiation

IBUS 690: Global Strategy

Joel Nicholson / IBUS 330

International Business and Multicultural Relations: Study Guide essay writing and in-class discussion of identification of and suggested resolution of Ethical Issues in Emerging Economies to include student search for and selection of a firm which has faced a significant ethical dilemma in its internationalizing operations related to political and legal systems, ethical belief systems, economic systems, and emerging markets.

Yim-Yu Wong  / IBUS 815

Seminar in International Business: Discussions on fake goods and their impacts on the global economy.

Department of Labor and Employment Studies 


Department of Management

John Dopp / MGMT 848, BUS 783

MGMT 848: Leadership - This class will be on Diversity. Each of the students has chosen a book with content that reflects something other than what they are, for example: Male or Female; Race; Age Related; Persons with Disabilities; Social/Economic Class; Sexual Orientation; Cultural Issues. Many ethical opportunities and obstacles are discovered. This book group encourages the examination and discussion of often controversial or difficult topics, and thus is most helpful in developing an awareness of "otherness."  The classroom provides a relatively safe place to discuss such issues. 

BUS 783: Economics for Managers - This will be the beginning of discussions on the Theory of the Firm. The various theoretical models from Perfect Competition to Pure Monopoly all have different ethical issues attached to them. Topics will include: profit/loss measurement; distribution of information; barriers to entry; degree of competition; pricing strategies; non-price competition and manipulation of utility/satisfaction; collusive activities; planned obsolescence; and monopoly profits.

Jason Harris-Boundy / MGMT/IBUS 659

International Business Negotiations: Focus and emphasis on the ethical dimensions of negotiation choices and behaviors. In the simulation exercise that week, students in roles as buyers and sellers will especially be tempted to misrepresent their interests. Past experience shows about 1/3 do so, which always triggers a vigorous discussion about ethics.

Assigned readings for that particular week include:

  • "Negotiating with Liars" by Robert S. Adler, from the MIT Sloan Management Review, 48, no. 4, Summer 2007.
  • "Negotiation Ethics" by Charles B. Craver, from The Negotitor Magazine, December 2005.
  • "Three Schools of Bargaining Ethics" by G. Richard Shell, from Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiating Strategies for Reasonable People, 1999, pp. 215-222. NY: Penguin Books.

Denise Kleinrichert / BUS 440, BUS 682

BUS 440: Focus is on ethics related to various technologies, including case study student presentations on Nortel Networks' executive ethics in in the telecommunications technology industry and the development of Asbestos products and victims' health hazards.

BUS 682 (two sections): Focus on ethics related to various privacy and manufacturing technologies and innovations, including case study student presentations on manufacturing mobile devices in outsourced factories and the development of bioscience/GMO plant-based medicines.

Anne Koch / MGMT 650

Discussion on the development of sustainable new products.

Eric Lamm / MGMT 605

Discussion on what it means to manage ethically.

Mitchell Marks / MGMT 670, MGMT 842

Lecture and role playing on the topic of "Ethical Issues in Collecting, Analyzing and Feeding Back Employee Engagement Data".

Peter Melhus / BUS 682, BUS 884

BUS 682: Discussion on the issue of global climate change and the film "An Inconvenient Truth."
BUS 884: Discussion on the failures of corporate governance in such companies as Tyco, Sunbeam and Arthur Andersen.

Antoaneta Petkova / BUS 890

Culminating Experience Strategic Management: 1. A class topic on managing stakeholder trust - two articles on business ethics and eBay case about preventing fraud 2. All MBA student teams are analyzing for their culminating projects non-profit or for-profit organizations with main purpose addressing social and/or environmental issues.

Maria Radoslavova / BUS 690, MGMT 670

BUS 690: General discussion on the relationship between business ethics and strategic management concepts at the end of the semester.
MGMT 670: Discussions on ethical values and issues regarding the steps of organizational consulting and organization changes.

Linda Saytes / BUS 300, MKTG 649

BUS 300 and MKTG 649: A project involving a comparison of two companies -- one that has ethical practices and one that does not - analysis of the two and suggestions.

Murray Silverman / BUS 682, MGMT 856

BUS 682: Discussion on Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens along with the ethical issues raised in the Mattell and Toy Safety case.
MGMT 856: Discussion on the new international standard for social responsibility, ISO 26000, the Social Accountability standard, ISO 8000 which focuses on social impacts and ISO 14000 which focuses on environmental standards.

Caterina Tantalo / BUS 682, BUS 690

BUS 682: Focus on ethical issues related to the food industry and discussion of the film "Food Inc."
BUS 690: Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Strategic Leadership will be discussed along with Monsanto's international expansion case study – ethical and legal issues. Several practical exercises/examples about ethical/unethical business practices will be developed in class.

Department of Marketing

Sanjit Sengupta / BUS 787, MKTG 885, MKTG 860

BUS 787: Marketing Management - Marketing Ethics will be discussed in class on Mon., Nov. 3rd, 6:30 p.m.
MKTG 885: Marketing of High-Technology Products and Services - Strategic Considerations for the Triple Bottom Line in High-Tech Companies. We will also discuss a WSJ article, Is Silicon Valley Funding the Wrong Stuff? in class on Wed., Nov. 5th, 6:30 p.m.
MKTG 860: Strategic Marketing - We will discuss an NPR story, E-Cigarette Critics Worry New Ads Will Make 'Vaping' Cool for Kids in class on Thu., Nov. 6th, 6:30 p.m.

Bruce Robertson / MKTG 431

Special session on marketing ethics on November 6th, 9:35 am.

Mahmood Hussain / MKTG 633, MKTG 649

MKTG 633: Consumer Behavior - Video and discussion: Marketing communication, persuasion, and ethics on Tue., Nov. 4th, 7 p.m.
MKTG 649 (sections 3 and 4): Marketing Management - Video and discussion: Marketing and ethics on Tue., Nov. 4th, 2:10 p.m. (section 3) and on Tue., Nov. 4th, 3:35 p.m. (section 4).

Nga Ho Dac / MKTG 469

Internet Marketing: Discussing Facebook projects that promote community well-being on Tue., Nov. 4th, 12:35 p.m. and 2:10 p.m.