Business Ethics Week 2013 Faculty Activities

The Lam Family College of Business embraces business ethics in a variety of ways. Department faculty and classroom activities in support of Business Ethics Week 2014 are listed below as they are confirmed.

Department of Accounting

Kristine Caratan / ACCT 504

Students will write a three to four page reflection paper based on the discussion with Jose Cisneros on the topic of ethics in accounting in the government field. A 45-minute lecture on ethics in the accounting profession.

Department of Decision Sciences

Susan Cholette / DS 786

Operations Analysis: Presentation of sustainable supply chain concepts, including a carbon footprinting analysis.

DS 412: Operations Management - Presentation of sustainable supply chain concepts, including a carbon footprinting analysis.

Sada Soorapanth / DS 776

Discussion of sampling bias and how it could be used to generate misleading results

DS 212: Discussion of sampling bias and how it could be used to generate misleading results.

Ramesh Bollapragada / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion of ethics in quality. For example, companies that report they are 6-sigma compliant when in actuality they are only 3-sigma compliant

Julia Miyaoka

Discussion of ethics in quality management

Hamed Hasheminia / DS 212

Business Statistics: A discussion of ethics in interpreting statistical results

Ozgur Ozluk / DS 412

Operations Management: Students will read recent article “Does Lack of Ethics Explain China’s Quality Control Problems?" followed by a classroom discussion

Leyla Ozsen / DS 412

Operations Management: Discussion of ethics in quality management

DS 212: Business Statistics / Presentation of examples of statistical misuse

Robert Saltzman / DS 624

Quality Management: Ethical Issues in hypothesis testing

Department of Economics

Venoo Kakar / ECON 102

Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis: Discuss transparency and forward guidance as unconventional tools of the Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy. The focus will be on how these tools have evolved overtime, particularly post Great Recession and on their benefits.

Zuzana Janko

Organized the Students Ethics Game and recruited students; organized two speaker events.

Philip King / ECON 605, ECON 620

ECON 605: History of Economic Growth - Teach statistical techniques to measure discrimination in the labor market, based on gender and race. Students will do a project that compared discrimination among unionized and non-unionized workers.

ECON 620: Economic Development - Incorporate discussions of various ethical issues in economic growth, economic development and history of economic thought.

Michael Bar / ECON 101, ECON 312, ECON 560

ECON 101: Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis - Discuss market failure, and the economic ethical issues with government intervention in markets. For example, rent controls.

ECON 312: Introduction to Econometrics - Taught statistical techniques to measure discrimination in the labor market, based on gender and race. Students did a project that compared discrimination among unionized and non-unionized workers.

ECON 560: Economics of Growth - Discuss the effect of economic growth on natural resources, explained the market failure associated with managing natural resources, with emphasis on atmosphere and global warming. Also, discuss the effect of economic growth on income inequality, as well as ethical issues with redistributive taxes.

Don Mar / ECON 102

Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis: Presentation of regulation in financial markets.

Anoshua Chaudhuri / ECON 301

Intermediate Microeconomics: Topic covered will be Ethical decision-making for monopolies and role of public policy.

Department of Finance

Daniela Balkanska / FIN 350, BUS 785 (sections 1 and 2)

Discussion of investment ethics and causes of the financial crisis based on the “Inside Job” documentary.

David Hysinger / FIN 372

David Hysinger will be having a guest speaker, a commercial loan officer, to discuss the lender's duties regarding disclosing the bank's proprietary internal property valuations to clients in commercial real estate development proposals, when those valuations differ from those of the bank's client

Yuji Shibuya / FIN 350 (sections 5 and 6)

An essay writing homework is assigned after watching several videos on the financial crisis and the inequality.

Department of International Business 

Joel Nicholson / IBUS 330

International Business and Multicultural Relations: Students will write an essay on a real-world multinational company that dealt with a significant ethical issue. Students will provide details on the ethical issue and comment on how well the company dealt with the issue and if something could have been done better?

Tae Furuse / IBUS 430

Import-Export Management & IBUS 596: Doing Business in Japan

IBUS 430: Class discussion on Moral/ Ethical issues and Ethical decision making process in Import/Export management.

IBUS 596: Students will be making presentations on Business Ethics in Japanese Business Environment as a group project.

Valerie Rosenblatt / IBUS 576

Global Entrepreneurship: Class discussion on business ethics in entrepreneurship. Students will complete self-assessments, explore ethical decision making process, and discuss individual and situational factors influencing ethical decision making.

Yikuan Lee / IBUS 590

International Environmental Analysis: Students will work on two cases about ethics in global business. Also, students will work on a homework about gray marketing issues in global business.

Nini Yang / IBUS 628

Global Human Resources Management & IBUS 681: Seminar in Comparative Management

IBUS 628: The class will have a session on the role of IHRM in cross-cultural business ethics and international labor relations.

IBUS 681: Students have team project assignments on “Corporate social responsibility in a comparative perspective”, and will conduct team presentations on their research findings and recommendation.

Lihua Wang / IBUS 659

International Business Negotiation & IBUS690: Global Strategy

IBUS 690: The class will have a session on Sweatshops.

IBUS/MGMT 659: The class will spend a session on firms in fishing industry and resource depletion.

Gerardo Ungson / IBUS 676

Social Entrepreneurship in Global Context: Students will discuss the ethical dimensions of peer pressure as a method of control in micro financing, which has led to both positive and adverse consequences.

Yim-Yu Wong / IBUS 815

Seminar in International Business: Nov. 4, IBUS 815 will discuss the topics of global marketing of sustainable products and innovation for the poor.

Department of Management

Sally Baack / BUS 890

Strategic Management class: students will discuss a case study on the efforts of Berett-Koehler, through B-Corp Certification, to institutionalize and protect their ethical and socially responsible corporate values. VP of Editorial and Digital, David Marshall, BK will participate in this class session, Tues., Nov. 5, 2 - 4:45 p.m., DTC 554.

Eric Lamm / MGMT 605

Class discussion of the ethical quandaries in empowerment and delegation in his three sections of this course.

Mark Starik / BUS 682

Class Discussion, Case, and Videos on Environmental Ethics

Peter Melhus / BUS 682, BUS 884

BUS 682 (sections 6, 11 and 18): Class discussion of sustainable development, the global commons, ecological challenges and the response of business to these issues.
BUS 884: MBA Class discussion of sustainable development, the global commons, global climate change and other ecological challenges and the response of business to these issues.

Denise Kleinrichert / BUS 440, BUS 682

BUS 440: Class discussion of the ethical challenges in social media with case studies of FaceBook and Twitter; student case study presentation of Nortel and Telecommunications; case study class exercise in technology as a strategic and ethical enterprise.

BUS 682 (two sections): Class discussion of managing technology & innovation with student case study presentations of Google in China, Carolina Pad & Bloggers, and Ventria Bioscience & Plant Made Medicines; discussion of mini cases on protecting online privacy, Citigroup cardholders personal info, and Story of Electronics video.

Caterina Tantalo / BUS 690

Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Strategic Leadership will be discussed along with Monsanto's international expansion case study – using ethical and legal issues. Several practical exercises/examples about ethical/unethical business practices will be developed in class.

Maria Radoslavova / BUS 690 (three sections)

On these three dates students of present business events that are related to corporate governance and business ethics:

  • Nov 4 - Discussion on business ethics practices in creating strategic alliances by Forbes Marshall
  • Nov 7 - Discussion on business ethics issues in pursuing global strategy by Antrix Corp.
  • Nov 8 - Discussion on business ethics of online selling implemented by companies, such as, eBay
  • Nov 21 and 22: Follow-up Exercise - students outline examples of business ethics issues related to the core concepts of course

Mike Albert / MGMT 405

Lecture on Management, Human Resources and Ethical Issues in the Workplace

Tom E. Thomas / BUS 682, BUS 450

BUS 450:  Greening of Business - The class will be taking a field trip to Oakland Technology Exchange West, for a guided tour of the facility and an interactive discussion with its founder, Bruce Buckelew. OTEW accepts computer hardware donations from local businesses and other organizations, and provides refurbished classroom computers to Oakland Unified schools and home computers to Oakland Unified middle and high school students.  

BUS 682:  Environment of Business - The class will focus on the ethical and social implications of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that opened the door to unlimited and anonymous independent campaign spending by companies and wealthy individuals. We'll also discuss the ethics of lobbying efforts by the Chamber of Commerce, ALEC, and other business entities.

Anne Koch / BUS 690, BUS 890

In BUS 690, we will view and discuss a movie on sustainable practices in the class. In BUS890, we will discuss the strategic development of sustainable practices in businesses.

Geoffrey Desa / BUS 690, MGMT 535

BUS 690: Class discussions include corporate governance: ethics and leadership, strategic management of social innovation.

MGMT 535: Class discussion and exercises on the social transformation of business.

Toni Petkova / BUS 690 (three sections)

  • Nov 6 & 7: discussion of Monsanto case and course topic "Corporate governance, business ethics and strategic leadership."
  • Nov 13& 14: discussion of sustainable business practices of Holland America Lines.

Semester-long team projects on 26 local Bay Area organizations with
a social and/or sustainability mission.

Mitchell Lee Marks / MGMT 670, MGMT 655, MGMT 670

In addition to on-going examination of ethical issues in Organization Design and Change throughout the semester, we will be discussing ethical consideration in collecting, analyzing and feeding back data on employee view of their work situations through methods including interviews, surveys, observations, and unobtrusive measures.

MGMT 655: Variable topic: Mergers and Acquisitions - In addition to on-going examination of ethical issues in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) throughout the semester, we will be discussing ethical issues in communicating with employees during M&A, e.g., how and when to share delicate information with employees, and how to keep employees informed within legal and competitive limitations.

Murray Silverman / MGMT 856, BUS 682

MGMT 856 class Nov. 5, we will be discussing winery environmental practices with a focus on Benziger Family Winery.

BUS 682 course on Nov. 6, we will be discussing sustainability in fashion and in the fashion industry.

Department of Marketing

Mahmood Hussain / MKTG 649-03

Short case discussion on ethics and pricing

Mahmood Hussain / MKTG 649-04

Video case discussion on ethics in advertising