Business Ethics Week 2009 Faculty Activities

Activities by individual faculty in support of Business Ethics Week, November 2–6, 2009

  • Jason Harris-Boundy will have discussions of managerial ethics and ethical decision-making in his BUS 788 class. In his IBUS/MGMT 659 class there will be a discussion of ethics based on articles about business negotiations.
  • Mitch Marks will have discussions of ethical considerations in the collection, analysis and utilization of employee research data (e.g., employee attitude surveys or focus group interviews) in both his MGMT 670 and 842 classes.
  • Bonnie Homan will have a speaker from the DPRC (Disability Programs and Resource Center) talking about the Accessible Workplace (ADA) and Universal Design in her ISYS 263 class.
  • Denise Kleinrichert is moderating student panel case study presentations on the following companies - Collapse of Enron, Nike & Global Labor Issues, Shell Oil in Nigeria, Merck/FDA & Vioxx, Odwalla & E.Coli Outbreak, GlaxoSmithKline & AIDS Drugs - in each of three sections of BUS 682.
  • Toni Petkova will focus her students two sections of BUS 690 and one section of BUS 890 on business ethics by discussing the case of Monsanto expansion in South America and India with their genetically modified crops. The case raises various ethic, social, and environmental concerns related to practices that are considered illegal in other countries.
  • Michael Needham will show his two sections of FIN 350 two videos from PBS' Frontline series:"The Madoff Affair," and "The Warning" and follow them with class discussions.
  • Minu Kumar will have a guest speaker in his MKTG 637 and MKTG 433 classes help the students work through the issues brought up in two cases on business ethics. His MKTG 688 students will discuss ethical issues arising in new product development competitive intelligence activities.
  • Kathy O'Donnell will have a guest speaker in her MKTG 862 class describing an anit-methamphetamine campaign. Her MKTG 434 students are reading about and discussing ethics in advertising. Her internship students in MKTG 567 are writing a paper specific to their business or industry ethical issues.
  • Lutfus Sayeed will lecture on green IT in his ISYS 814 class.
  • Bruce Robertson will be giving a special lecture on business ethics in his large MKTG 431 hybrid class.
  • Aaron Anderson will have his BUS 888 students focus on Business Strategy versus Business Ethics. Example: "Is Walmart's strategy of providing products at the lowest possible cost an ethically sustainable business strategy?"
  • Jennifer Tosti-Kharas will have the students in her two section MGMT 605 discussing corporate culture, with a focus on how companies can create a culture of ethical practice, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Will Weinstein will have a guest speaker in his MGMT 855 class: Mary Bitterman, President, Bernard Osher Foundation and Lead Director, Bank of Hawaii, speaking about corporate goverance and ethical behavior.
  • Murray Silverman lead his students in MGMT 856 Environmental Management Systems and ISO14001 plus the Benziger Family Winery case and their efforts to implement an Environmental Management System.
  • Eric Lamm will discuss the fine line between behaving politically and behaving unethically in his MGMT 605 class.
  • Theresa Hammond will be showing the documentary "From First to Worst" about the impact of California budgets on education in ACCT 395 and in BUS 781.
  • Susan Cholette will have a guest speaker in her BUS 786 class who will talk about his firm's commitment to sustainability, including some examples of how Method Home have been working to reduce their carbon footprint in their distribution of goods.
  • Lihua Wang will be discussing sweatshop issues in her two sections of IBUS 690.
  • Yim-Yu Wong will have two guest speakers in her IBUS 815 class discussing sustainability in supply chain management and sustainable brands.
  • John Dopp will discuss the topic of "why the measurement of the GDP is misleading" in his BUS 883.
  • Amy Chang will have her students in ACCT 301 and ACCT 303 attend one of the special speaker events during the week and write a summary.
  • Mohsen Tavakolian will have class discussions of business ethics related cases in his two sections of ACCT 302 and his section of ACCT 501.
  • Bill Perttula will have a guest speaker from a San Francisco advertising agency discuss online advertising and ethical issues in his MKTG 469 class.
  • Mahmood Hussain will have both his sections of MKTG 649 discussing a case titled "Incredible Shrinking Potato Chip Package" which addresses ethical issues in pricing.
  • Joel Nicholson will have his large section of IBUS 330 view a video illustrating a combination of CSR with Ethics in the context of the firm's internationalization process occurring across a variety of environmental social/legal/economic/political arenas.
  • Mike Albert will discuss ethics and human resource management in his megasection of MGMT 405
    Leyla Ozsen showed a video on "cradle to cradle"; design to her DS 412 class and discussed the concept of sustainability.
    Gulnur Tumbat  showed a video on meaning of  "green products" in her two sections of MKTG 434 and her section of MKTG 633.
     Rick Castaldi has his students in two sections of BUS 690 read and discuss a case on Nucor Steel which is known for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable projects.
  • Peter Melhus has his students in two sections of BUS 784 discussing global climate change and sustainable development.  His BUS 857 class will be discussing  transportation options for a more sustainable future.
  • Don Danner will be discussing the ethical use of information technology in the work place in his ISYS 263 and ISYS 363 classes.
  • Veronika Papyrina discussed ethical issues related to the publication of caricatures of Muhammad by a Danish newspaper in her two MKTG 432 sections.
  • Geoff Desa had his MGMT 435 students attend a panel discussion on Social and Technology Entrepreneurship.