Report on 2008 Business Ethics Week

Dear COB Colleagues,

Thank you for your support for our third annual Business Ethics Week October 27 to October 31, 2008.

Brief report

Spring Semester Workshops

Two Business Ethics Workshops were held in April 2008 to help prepare faculty for the third Business Ethics Week.

Fall Semester Activities

  • Large posters went up in the hallways of the campus building and the DTC on October 16 plus other publicity was done.
  • Speakers from Starbucks Coffee and Gap, Inc. addressed an audience of about 160 students and faculty on Tuesday October 28 in the Student Union.
  • Professor Kleinrichert showed an episode of the television series The Office to several first year students and led a discussion of the ethical topics on October 29.
  • A speaker from California Strategies LLC spoke about sustainable business from the California and national perspective at the DTC before an audience of 112 graduate students and faculty on October 30.
  • Your in-class activities reached thousands of our undergraduate and graduate students. The number of faculty emailing me to tell about how they support Business Ethics Week reached 54 on Nov. 7. Number of class sections with business ethics discussions during the Week: 93
  • This participation is a fine example of the COB pulling together and carrying out a major effort that benefits our students and faculty, and gains the College positive public notice.

The next Business Ethics Week is scheduled for November 2–6, 2009.

Bill Perttula and Denise Kleinrichert