Business Ethics Week


Business Ethics Week brings in business and industry experts on topics at the intersection of business ethics, social justice, the environment and innovation.

Business Ethics Week 2022: April 18-22 Event Schedule (Dates and Speaker Events)

What is Business Ethics Week?


This is the 16th year for Business Ethics Week (BEW), one of the CESB’s signature events, since its inception in November 2006. Throughout this time, thousands of students have attended sessions. Last year, for example we had over 800 attendees across eleven events. Faculty across the college integrate speaker content into their classes, and host discussions with students during the week.

The CESB focuses on three intersecting issues: Social Justice, The Natural Environment and Innovation. Busines Ethics Week illustrates a humbling truth. That at the heart of this intersection lie inequities that are widespread and systemic – with prior session examples from supply chains, artificial intelligence, finance and the environment.

At the heart of this intersection also lies the possibility of hope: when capitalism is re-imagined, when innovation is inclusive, when ecosystems are regenerative. In prior years, BEW has been very interactive with 10 – 15 panel sessions held across the week, in the Library and in the College of Business. Prior BEW’s have held in-person debates, round tables and presentations. The pandemic fundamentally changed the planning for Business Ethics Week. It is hard to mirror the vibrancy and energy of physical events in virtual sessions. However, the sessions have given us the opportunity to bring in speakers from beyond the Bay Area. The topics and diversity of speakers parallels the interests and diversity of our students and faculty, and we’re looking forward to the engagement and outreach.

We are fortunate to have excellent guest panels for these main themes in this year’s Business Ethics Week. 

The Lam Family College of Business requires all graduate and undergraduate business students to take a Business & Society course—and has for the past 25 years. Our faculty members in fields such as finance, accounting, marketing, information systems, decision sciences, management, international business, and hospitality and tourism management, integrate modules on ethics and social responsibility in their courses.

Are ethics and sustainability important to you?

Are you ready to join the movement? Around the world, ethics and sustainability are capturing the attention and imagination of a growing number of inspired businesses, governments, nonprofits and individuals who seek environmental and social dimensions of conducting responsible business in a global market.

Please see the CESB’s main page for opportunities to reflect and act on the major themes that we help to engender discussion and debate on.