Charitable Impact

Taste of the Bay is a fundraiser event planned and implemented by the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) students at San Francisco State University.

By attending the annual Taste of the Bay, you are directly making a difference in the lives of our students.

Tickets sold for this year's Taste of the Bay will significantly impact the HTM program, which educates nearly 600 students from all walks of life. The HTM Department at SF State is the largest of its kind in Northern California with almost 6,000 students, under the Lam Family College of Business, the HTM Department is changing lives one student at a time. 

The Lam Family College of Business Hospitality and Tourism Management Department has a vision to create a comprehensive experiential learning program for hospitality students. Experiential learning will provide students with on-the-job training to handle the rigors of a real-world working environment. It will provide students with the valuable skills to make a smooth transition into professional positions at hotels, restaurants, event planning, and beverage companies. Our students will be highly sought after by major hospitality corporations worldwide.

To best serve student needs, the HTM Department have structured four strategic program initiatives. These program initiatives are designed with the ultimate goal of preparing and placing students with the knowledge, skills, and passion to succeed in a career in the hospitality industry.

The program initiatives are:

  • Multi-Use Hospitality Learning Center – Modernized facilities are needed to facilitate student access to practice and hands-on skill building opportunities; flexible learning modes (through video, teleconferencing, tasting and sensing); industry interaction; and industry relevant content, resources, and technologies. A multi-use hospitality learning center would include facilities and information and technology support systems including:

    • Multi-Media / Teleconference Classroom Complex
    • High-Capacity Auditorium
    • Modernized Restaurant Laboratory & Beverage Management Program
    • Flexible Demonstration & Simulation Space
    • Interview/Group Study Rooms
    • Technology & Information Resources
  • Continuation and Expansion HTM Global Student Career and Professional Development Program
    Funds would be used to continue and expand upon the career and professional development services offered. Uses include the continuation of workshops and the endowment of the program director position. Expansion plans would include establishing a formal industry mentorship program; sponsoring extra-curricular student group activities; funding an academic advisor; offering additional internship courses; initiating an industry-focused distinguished speaker series; and founding a first semester success guidance and advising program.
  • Endowment of Scholarships & Student Assistantships
    Funds would be used to establish a series of merit and need-based scholarships and student assistant positions designed to help students overcome the socio-economic barriers to focusing on and excelling in their education and professional development. Three scholarships and an assistantship program are requested: HTM Fellows Scholarship; Student Leadership in Extra-Curricular Activities Scholarship; Certification Assistance Scholarship; and Student Assistantships
  • Global Student Programs
    This program seeks to build out the “global” in the original title of the HTM Global Professional Development Center. SF State, due mainly to its unique location and as one of the major tourism destinations worldwide, seeks to expand its excellent domestic and international base to that of a global brand. The program would establish programs to facilitate an SF State HTM education for international students, and offer SF State HTM students more global experiences and opportunities to study, work, and start careers abroad.

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Visit the Hospitality and Tourism Management Department

For information on how to give, contact Janine Hurty, Director of Development, Lam Family College of Business at or (415) 338-1183.