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Kaiser Permanente Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Application

Deadline: May 1, 2017

Three scholarships of up to $4,000 each are available through the generous support of Kaiser Permanente towards unreimbursed tuition.

Eligible students include postgraduate, graduate, MBA, MSA and MPA students at San Francisco State University who are accepted into the Business Certificate in Ethics and Compliance academic program, and who meet the scholarship reimbursement eligibility requirements.

To apply, visit Academic Works.

Scholarship Reimbursement Eligibility Requirements

  • complete the three Business Certificate in Ethics and Compliance required courses during or after the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 academic year: MGMT 850, MGMT 857 and BUS/IBUS 859 with a B or higher grade in each class. No course substitutions.
  • submit a completed scholarship application form and a statement of intent (one full page) about your pursuit of a role in ethics and compliance
  • preference is given to students with an expressed interest in pursuing a health care industry career, or have previous experience working in the health sector
  • demonstration of professional and community efforts reflective of ethical practices (e.g., volunteerism)
  • reference letter from at least one recent professor who can reflect on your past or current character and academic practices
  • statement from your current or most recent employer that you are not eligible for, nor received, a full tuition reimbursement for your Business Certificate in Ethics and Compliance courses. If you received or qualify for partial reimbursement, a statement is required that specifies the amount of reimbursement.
  • current Kaiser Permanente employees or physicians are not eligible
  • proof of demonstrated financial need (FAFSA completed for 2016/2017) and whether you receive other scholarship, grant or similar academic funding for your course work towards your Business Certificate in Ethics and Compliance courses
  • each scholarship awardee receives no more than $4,000 in total reimbursements, but may receive less, for course tuition during their Business Certificate in Ethics and Compliance studies at San Francisco State University

All applications are administered through a two-step process: Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business faculty review and approval, and SF State’s Financial Aid Office.

For questions, please contact Professor Denise Kleinrichert at