Student Success Center Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

The Lam Family College of Business Student Success Center empowers students during their course of study to achieve excellence throughout their academic and professional careers by providing the skills and knowledge to be successful in their future endeavors.

Our Mission

The Lam Family College of Business Student Success Center provides innovative, empathetic, and culturally sensitive academic advising to all Lam Family College of Business students based on our core values.

Our Core Values

Diversity & Equity

We continuously strive to understand and have respect for diverse academic, socio-economic,  racial/ethnic,  gender, sex, religious, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations of college students, faculty, and staff, including veterans and students with learning, physical, and psychological variations. 


We follow a holistic advising approach, incorporating the latest advising trends and philosophies. New technology is used to streamline advising practices and offer more effective student services.
Empathy & Empowerment: We view each student as an individual and understand the richness and value of differing backgrounds and life experiences. We work to enhance students’ capabilities and reduce barriers to students’ academic and personal development.


We cultivate relationships throughout the University and in our surrounding community.

Global Perspective & Engagement

We encourage Lam Family College of Business students to explore study abroad opportunities to enhance their academic experience.  We promote engagement through a number of professional and scholastic student organizations to foster a sense of community and to create a positive impact on campus.