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Information for students admitted to the Fall 2020 semester

(updated August 19, 2020)

Welcome MBA, MS in Accountancy and MS in Business Analytics students!

There are a few important to-dos before you begin the Fall semester on Monday, August 24, 2020:

1. Accept your admission offer

Students admitted to our program should submit their decision to accept the admission offer on the SF State Gateway website within one month after receiving their official admission letter from the university. A response is required in order to start the process leading up to registering for classes and to sign up for a San Francisco State email account. Once you start the program in the Fall, communications from the University will be sent to your SF State email address.

As soon as you have accepted your admission offer, you will need to pay a $250 deposit to reserve your spot in our program. This non-refundable $250  deposit will be credited towards your first semester tuition once you enroll in classes. Please see the step-by-step pdf instructions on How to Pay the Enrollment Deposit Online or view this video with the same instructions.

Please note: If you were admitted on a Conditional basis, your admission letter will indicate what course(s) you need to fulfill prior to admission or during your first semester in order to be moved from Conditional to Classified status.

2. Submit Official Transcripts

The Division of Graduate Studies at San Francisco State University requires all admitted students to submit an official sealed transcript from all universities and community colleges. All official transcripts (and international academic documents) should be submitted before the start of the semester, preferably before you register for your first semester classes. Visit our University's Official Transcript Requirement page for details on how and where to submit transcripts and academic documents. Students who have taken courses at San Francisco State University do not need to submit an SF State transcript.

Any international transcripts must include original transcripts plus a certified English translation. If your official transcripts do not show the degree received, then a copy of your diploma with a certified English Translation is also required. International students should also review the information about specific Admission criteria by Country.

3. Submit proof of immunization 

Admitted students need to submit proof of having received all required immunizations before registering for classes. Please refer to the SF State Immunization Requirements. The University will verify proof of immunization once they have been submitted. Students who have obtained an undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University do not need to submit proof since the immunization records should already be on file.

4. Apply for Financial Aid

U.S. citizens and residents: Students who are considering financial aid, may refer to the San Francisco State Financial Aid webpage. Please note the FAFSA deadline for the State of California is March 1. If you missed the deadline, you may still file the FAFSA application but the award decision may be delayed. If you have questions about financial aid, please contact Mr. Jimmie Wilder at 1-415-338-7000 or email him at jwilder@sfsu.edu.

International students: Please refer to the Office of International Programs financial assistance webpage for more information on any available scholarships and loan information.

5. MSBA students - pre-requisite requirements

Your admissions letter will mention whether you were admitted Conditionally and will list if you need to fulfill either the Information Systems or Statistics pre-requisite for the MSBA program. 

BUS 714: In applying to the program, if you scored below a 4.0 on the analytical writing assessment of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), you will be required to complete BUS 714 (Elements of Graduate Business Writing) during your first semester in the program.  More information about enrollment in BUS 714 is provided below (see #8).

BUS 776: Your admissions letter will mention if you have met the MSBA statistics prerequisite requirement (previously taken a course equivalent to BUS 776 at SF State with a grade of B- or better).  Students who have not met this requirement should enroll in BUS 776 (Data Analysis for Managers) during their first semester in the program.  

BUS 782: Your admissions letter will mention if you have met the MSBA information systems prerequisite requirement (previously taken a course equivalent to BUS 782 at SF State with a grade of B- or better).  Students who have not met this requirement should enroll in BUS 782 (Information Systems for Management) during their first semester in the program. 

If your admissions letter mentions that you are required to complete either BUS 776 or 782, but you feel that you have already completed an equivalent course (with a grade of B- or better), please submit your proof of course completion to Professor Leyla Ozsen at lozsen@sfsu.edu no later than July 31, 2020.  Both courses act as prerequistes to the majority of MSBA requirements, so students will need to have both classes completed prior to their Fall registration date or plan to enroll in both classes for the Fall 2020 semester. 

6. MBA and MSA students may submit a business course waiver request

Students who have completed business courses within the past seven (7) years with at least a B- or better grade, could be eligible to waive the equivalent SF State 700-level course. You may submit a waiver request any time before July 31, 2020, however we encourage you to submit the waiver form and required supporting documents as soon as possible to better plan your courses. You will receive an email from our office with the decision from our faculty within 3 to 4 weeks of receipt of your request.

Students must complete the following steps:

Step 1) Fill out the course waiver request form (pdf) . A listing of our 700-level business course descriptions is found in the bulletin at http://bulletin.sfsu.edu/courses/bus/.

Step 2) Submit a course syllabus or detailed course outline for each of the business courses you have taken in the past seven years at a college or university. International students will need to submit fully translated copies of syllabi or course outlines.

Step 3) Submit a photocopy of the transcripts from the university where you completed the business courses and circle the courses to be reviewed.

Step 4) Email your completed waiver form, copy of transcripts with courses highlighted, plus course syllabus for each class to: Ms. Armaan Moattari, Assistant Director of Graduate Business Programs at amoatt@sfsu.edu

Please note: If you have received a bachelor of science degree in business administration from an AACSB-accredited school in the past seven years with a GPA of 3.0 or better in the last 60 semester/90 quarter units of coursework, you do not need to submit the form or any documents. You will automatically receive an approved waiver letter from our office by email before July 1, 2020.

7. Plan your courses to register for Fall semester

The following information will assist you as you plan your courses for the Fall 2020 semester. The schedule of course offerings is available on the SF State Class Schedule page. 

MBA students: refer to the MBA website for information about course requirements and see the MBA course requirement chart (pdf).

MSA students: refer to the MSA website, and the MSA course requirement chart for students with a bachelor's degree in Accounting (pdf) or the MSA course requirement chart for students without an Accounting degree (pdf).

MSBA students: refer to the MSBA course listing in the University bulletin for course requirements. Attend an online webinar advising session to learn about which courses to register for in your first semester.New incoming students may register any time after their assigned registration date. Please refer to your student information page on the SF State Gateway webpage to view the dates to register for courses. Tuition payment deadlines are listed as well. Below is a list of registration dates:

Course registration period for new graduate students 

  • Monday, June 8 to Tuesday, August 11, 2020
  • Gradaute students can register for up to 16 units, but we recommend taking no more than 12 units 
  • Tuition payment deadline for this time period is Wednesday, August 12  by 4 pm PST

Open registration for all students

  • Monday, August 17 to Sunday, August 23, 2020
  • Graduate students can register for up to 16 units, but we recommend taking no more than 12 units 
  • Tuition payment deadline for this time period is Wednesday, August 24 by 4 pm PST

For more details on registration please visit the Registrar's office webpage and for payment deadlines please see the Bursar's Office website.

Students admitted as Conditional are required to take the BUS 714 Business Writing course

All new students who are admitted conditionally (based on the writing score on the GMAT or GRE) are required to take the BUS 714 Elements of Business Writing class in their first semester at San Francisco State. If you are conditionally admitted and required to take this course, it will be stated on your admission letter. This three-unit course is offered through San Francisco State Univeristy College of Extended Learning at the Downtown Campus.

How to Register for BUS 714

Please keep in mind that you need to complete this course in your first semester, so you will have to plan your other courses around the BUS 714 class. The BUS 714 course is listed in the regular online class schedule, but registration for this course will be open after July 21, 2020 .  For the Fall semester, two sections will be offered, both on Wednesdays, one from 2 - 4:45 pm and the other from 6:30 - 9:15 pm. The class is offered through the College of Extended Learning and the course fee is US$1,185, independent of the other courses on your semester schedule. Once you register for BUS 714, course payment is due within five calendar days. Students receive a credit/no credit grade upon completing the course.

To search on the class schedule for the BUS 714 Business Writing course:

  1. Go to the Fall 2020 class schedule
  2. Type BUS 714 under Subject
  3. Select College of Extended Learning (CEL) under Session
  4. Click on Quick Search. You should see the course listed.

Note: If you have been approved for financial aid, BUS 714 may not qualify as units towards financial aid, since it is offered through the College of Extended Learning. Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

8. Required orientation in August

A required orientation session was held on Thursday, August 20, 2020 from 9:30 am - 1 pm via Zoom for new MBA, MSA and MSBA students.

August 20th Graduate Business Programs Orientation Agenda:

  • 9:20 - 9:30 am: Log in to Zoom 

  • 9:30 am: Introductions, College Overview, Career Services, Division of Graduate Studies (Facilitator: Manuel Maranan, Admissions Director)

  • 10:10 am: Networking workshop (Facilitator: Prof. Matt Fisher, Dept. of Mgmt & Mktg)

  • 5 minute break

  • 11 am: Academic overview and Q&A + breakout sessions by degree program (Facilitator: Prof. Sanjit Sengupta, Faculty Director of Graduate Programs; Dept. faculty in MBA breakout room; Prof. Leyla Ozsen in MSBA breakout room; Prof. Jung Hoon Kim in MSA breakout room) 

  • 5 minute break

  • 12:15 - 1 pm: Current Student Panel and Q&A (Facilitator; Chris Kingston, Director of Student Services and Advising)

1 pm: Closing (Armaan Moattari, Assistant Director, Admissions & Professional Development)

SF State Graduate Studies Town Hall session:

A virtual one-hour New Student Town Hall is being organized by the SF State main Division of Graduate Studies. The session is optional and will be held for all graduate students. There are two dates to choose from with same exact content, so we recommend that you attend the Wed. August 19 session from 2-3 pm PST, since the second date coincides with our required orientation on August 20th. During the session, you will gain an understanding of the higher expectations of graduate students, learn about campus resources, and meet the SF State Division of Graduate Studies team. The dates are listed on the Grad Studies office website and students will receive an email from Division of Graduate Studies to register for the session.

Office of International Programs Orientation day:

International students on F1 visa are required to also attend the one-hour mandatory online orientation organized by the SF State Office of International Programs on August 17, 2020. More details and registration are posted on the OIP website.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) also provides a checklist for new international students. Please visit the OIP website for more information.

9. Get your SF State student ID

Update: Pick up of student IDs is on hold until the Campus re-opens. Classes will be held remotely in the Fall due to Covid19 precautions. Please check back for more information

Students can get their student ID (new OneCard Gator Pass):

New students can visit the One Card Services office on the Holloway Campus (first floor of the Student Service Center) to obtain their ID card. Students need to first register for classes and pay their tuition & fees for the Fall semester before they can get their ID card. You can take your photo and receive your student ID card right away.

For more information on the new OneCard Gator Pass, please go to SF State's website at http://onecard.sfsu.edu/home

10. Academic Tips and reminders

Reminders, Tips, Grad Programs advisor contact info and more: Access the Powerpoint Slides here

Access and filter class look-up on the SF State Class schedule: video: https://youtu.be/qU1pg3elc30

Review of MBA Degree Requirements- video: https://youtu.be/Ir7H_6mRg5k  (For MSA and MSBA requirements, please review the website or contact your faculty advisor)

We're here to answer your questions!

Contact the Graduate Business office at mba@sfsu.edu or call 415.817.4300

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