Various Marketing Internships

Business Name: 
The Wear Movement
Type of Position: 
Part-Time Internship
Grade Level: 
On the SFSU campus for Pop Up Store, Video/Photography Interns AND where you can make it happen for Social Media and Marketing
Days/Hours per Week: 
Pay Range: 
Not listed
Duration of Position: 

Daily or weekly depending on your chosen internship

Position Description: 

WE ARE:  A clean collection of clothing and other textiles for the purpose of eliminating textile waste going to landfill.  We ask for one category at a time, asking consumers to share their well-loved but no longer worn clothing with the local market.

WE WILL: repair, embellish, and sell the collection to local consumers and collect for organizations that make a request. Each month, we collect different categories to keep the consumer motivated to bring in a new group of loved items to share.

WE PROMISE: to find as many ways as possible to keep well-loved clothing in local circulation, branding what we collect and sell with the “Wear Movement” logo. Our goal is to find local value and uses for nearly all of our collections and avoid landfill

If You Are Curious, Dedicated and Ambitious The Wear Movement Wants You as an Intern.


Position Responsibilities: 


Social Media Interns:

Pop Up Store Interns:

  • To operate the pop up retail shop that is set up and taken down on campus once a week.
  • For collecting, weighing, and recording contributions
  • For convincing contributors to sign up for more info online
  • For sorting what is contributed
  • For repairing or embellishing if needed
  • For selling consumers’ contributions

Video/Photography Interns:

  •  To document pop up store activities via videos & photo stills to be uploaded to social media and website

Public Relation Interns:

  • to promote the Wear Movement to government agencies, organizations at the local, state, national, and international levels.


How to Apply: 

On site – click on Contact Us, enter your information

WE ARE: Connie Ulasewicz & Gail Baugh from the Apparel Design & Merchandising program in the Family Interiors Nutrition & Apparel Department at SFSU – please contact at


Application Deadline: 
Open until Filled