Short Term Opportunity: Angel Investing

Business Name: 
Gwen Edwards
Financial Services
Type of Position: 
Grade Level: 
All University students
San Francisco
Days/Hours per Week: 
40-50 hours in the next 2-3 weeks
Pay Range: 
Duration of Position: 

2-3 weeks

Position Description: 

Do you have a desire to learn about financial terms and details of angel investing?  Willing to dig into data and search parameters of investments to build a clean data base?  Are you tenacious, detail oriented, and inquisitive?  Do you enjoy learning from resources like Tech Crunch, Crunch Base, Pitchbook, and other public and private data sources?


I am looking for someone who can dedicate about 40 -50 hours in the next 2-3 weeks to this effort in exchange for the opportunity to learn with a professional.  We can work side by side, and/or you can work from your home (less ideal from a learning perspective). 


The job will pay a $500 “intern” stipend.  It’s really the richness of the experience that is invaluable to anyone interested in learning more about angel investing and the venture/entrepreneurial ecosystem.  If you are still in University you may also be able to turn this into a class project.   I am leading this research effort pro bono, but eager to find the right person to assist. 


How to Apply: 

Please email Gwen Edwards at if this is of interest and include your linked in profile or summary. 


Application Deadline: