Presidio Labs

Business Name: 
Business Development Intern
High Tech/Information Technology
Type of Position: 
Part-Time Internship
Grade Level: 
San Francisco, CA
Days/Hours per Week: 
10 hours/week
Pay Range: 
$15 / hr
Duration of Position: 

6 weeks or longer

Position Description: 

Presidio Labs is incubating a startup related to the international HR outsourcing space. In brief, if a US business wants to hire a developer, biz dev, accountant, expat employee, etc. in a foreign country, how do they go about it legally, pay the appropriate taxes, comply with local employment laws, etc.? We help business solve these complicated international HR challenges. The working hypotheses are that we can provide a solution much cheaper than the competitors, with a tech enabled platform that will resonate with startups and other SMBs.

The goal of the Business Development & Sales Internship would be to develop a list of qualified, target customers for initial outreach as we launch the product. From a practical perspective, this would mean (1) mining various business databases, (2) determining if companies are a fit for our business solution, (3) obtaining the most relevant demographics about the company (industry, business model, funding stage, CEO, et..), and (4) finding the most appropriate individual for to call with contact info (phone, email). Much of this can be found on LinkedIn or the company website. If the point of contact is connected to me via prior work experience or Stanford GSB, even better.

Based on how this initial project goes, there may be an opportunity for additional projects related to further lead gen, cold calling, etc. For reference, the current business website is hosted at:

Position Responsibilities: 
  • Generate lists of prospective target clients
  • Gather data related to companies
  • Qualify the clients based on various criteria
  • Develop “target list” of high potential prospects
  • Engage in cold email / cold calling campaigns
Required Qualifications: 
  • Familiar with online company research via business databases, LinkedIn, company websites, etc.
  • Good working knowledge of spreadsheets and Google Docs. Professional attitude and ability to engage in C-level discussions. Willingness to cold call.

Preferred qualifications

  • Business degree / MBA candidate. Experience in B2B sales / biz dev and cold calling.


How to Apply: 

Email with a cover letter and resume to apply. 

Application Deadline: