Operations Coordinator

Business Name: 
Type of Position: 
Full-Time Job
Grade Level: 
San Francisco, California
Days/Hours per Week: 
5 days per week / 40 hours per week
Pay Range: 
  • Healthcare, Vision, Dental. 
  • Employees are also able to get a company contribution for their 401K plan after their first year of employment. 
Duration of Position: 

Full-Time role

Position Description: 

We're looking for a full-time Operations Coordinator to join our growing team. 

It’s a chance to learn all aspects of the business from the ground up. Because of our size, you’ll not only help us operate on a daily basis, but you’ll get exposure to all other departments – account management, production, creative, and strategy. Perhaps that exposure will lead to interest in eventually working in a specific department within advertising. 

Position Responsibilities: 
  • In essence, you’re like a store manager that is always making sure we’re running as well as we can. Specifically, we may ask for your help with the following: 
  • Helping keep the agency clean and presentable. We have a janitorial crew at night, but during the day, there is upkeep to help with. Kitchen, conference rooms, shareable spaces. 
  • Kitchen upkeep – ordering food/snack supply, stocking the snacks and the fridge, loading / unloading the dishwasher. 
  • Ordering / keeping up with office supplies.
  • Some IT duties –Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re the IT person- just that you might be involved with communicating to our IT help when needed, as well as learning how to order new equipment from Apple.
  • Helping organize agency events – for example, our company photo, mini-golf trip, holiday party, Thanksgiving, opening day of baseball outing, etc. 
  • Did you grow up with social media? If so, you’ve already got an advantage over many of us. Help be our voice on facebook, instagram, twitter, and whatever we haven’t even heard of yet. But you have. 
Required Qualifications: 
  • First and foremost, you’re a very friendly person. 
  • You like the idea of being someone that helps this place operate. 
  • You’re excited about being in a highly creative environment.
  • You’re resourceful. 
  • You have a presence, and you're not shy about speaking up.
  • You take pride in your work, no matter how big or small. 
Preferred Qualifications: 
  • You have a genuine interest in advertising and are excited about exploring the different departments within. 
  • You like to absorb information and are a quick learner..
  • You’re observant. In fact, you noticed that the sentence above has an extra period. Nice job!
  • You like to seize the moment and take advantage of opportunities. 
  • You like to do more than just what is asked.
  • People find you interesting, because of your interests in life. 
How to Apply: 

Please email resume, and brief paragraph explaining who you are, and why this role would be of interest to you, to: 


**please list "operations coordinator" in the title of your email. VERY IMPORTANT.

Application Deadline: 
Open until filled