Academic Course Internships

Procedures for Undergraduate and Graduate Business students

Any student enrolled in an internship business course, including classroom, online or independent study courses, in which they receive academic credit and/or grade equivalency for an internship or off campus work, must

  • obtain the teaching faculty’s approval
  • obtain and submit the required faculty and internship employer’s signatures on Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) forms
  • submit forms prior to the start of their course each semester

This process validates your work efforts off campus for your academic credit.

Spring 2019 Semester

  • For spring 2019, paperwork must be submitted by the student to ICCE no later than November 5.
  • Follow the guidelines, and download required forms, from the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement website.
  • Students may submit the completed, employer-signed forms by uploading to the ICCE website, or visiting the ICCE office, HSS 206; ask to see Eunice Kim,