Professor and Chair of Economics Anoshua Chaudhuri discusses 2020's best cities for job seekers

Job Seeking in CityProfessor and Chair of Economics Anoshua Chaudhuri was featured as an expert on WalletHub's article about the best cities for jobs in 2020. 

Chaudhuri makes predictions for the coming year, theorizing that jobs in health care, life sciences, and data analytics will continue to grow - even if there is a recession. She also comments on the effects of the current administration's policies, which have reduced job growth as a result of trade restrictions, funding cuts, and the repealing of the Affordable Care Act. To combat this, she tells first-time job seekers to take every opportunity to expand their network, negotiate benefits, and acquire relevant new skills. 

San Franciscans, however, are already at an advantage - not only was the city ranked the third best place to find a job, it also boasts the second highest average salary and sixth lowest unemployment rate nation-wide.

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